Blog to Feed A Child. Part 2

Stealing. This one act scares us and we look down upon the people who do that. But have you ever wondered why do people steal? They steal for FOOD.

The same reason holds true for the act of begging. We see people begging outside the stations and on the traffic signals. They don’t play with their dignity because they like it or they don’t buy luxurious things with the li’l money they earn. They want the money to buy FOOD. They NEED that money.

When you see small children begging or read reports of them stealing, we just nod our head uttering that they should be going to school at this age. But when they can not afford a day’s meal, how can they go to school? For almost 60% of the people living in India, everything is an option to them other than food. They would prefer food over a clean toilet in their houses. They would prefer their children working than sending them to school because money buys them food.

So, do you see? If we can anyhow provide the children of India, that is the population that is supposed to go to school and acquire education, with food, a square meal two times a day, they really need not worry about their hunger. All they can worry about then would be their books, pencils and scoring good in the exams. And thus, a better future for themselves.

Well, as a responsible citizen and a person who can sustain himself/herself well enough, helping a single child with his/her dream is not a huge task. Imagine, if each one of us thinks like that, how great it would be!

So what can we do?

1. Associate with NGO’s like Akshaya Patra

These type of NGO’s work to provide food for education in various ways. You can donate to feed a child for a year :

Image Source

or write a blog post like I just did :

Image Source

Yes, this is that simple.

2. Put in some extra time and effort.

I have seen people donating their food leftovers to the needy. My mom makes extra food almost every day for the kids of our presswala. That really doesn’t hurt, does it?

3. Make people aware

Online and social media is a great platform to make people aware of so many things in the world that need attention. Use it wisely!

4. Last but definitely not the least, make a monetary donation when you think you can.

I or me alone might not be making a huge difference, but together, we can.

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