2014 : The Year It was.

The two customary new year post! I have learnt to be a li’l bit less restless in the year that just went by. So yes, very calmly, I will recollect the highlights of the year 2014.

The year started off pretty hard on me. And then eventually it became usual and okay. Or maybe I got used to that hard part. Eventually, my year started turning out to be good.

As a blogger, my year was pretty eventful. I got to go to some cool places, I got to meet some even cooler people and became friends with even cooler people. As a student, I learned a lot of things. I learned how to forgive people, how to deal with situations which are not under your control, how not to pay heed to things that play with your mental peace, how to say no, how to be a li’l bit selfish and most importantly, I learned to let go of a li’l bit of my patience, which was pretty important for me. As a reader, my year was great. I read some amazingly wonderful books.

This year turned out to be the year when I was capable enough of gifting my parents things they wanted and needed. I mean isn’t it the dream of ours to spoil our parents like the spoiled us? I got my first Apple product.

It was a great year in terms of travelling. I had two road trips and one all alone trip to Goa and trust me, for someone like me, that is pretty huge!

When I look back, I can only remember the good things about the year. And that is the most important lesson in life- when someone is gone, you only remember their goods, no matter how much you cribbed in their presence.

And I saved this for the last, emotionally this year was disturbing, I lost Jumpy and it made me realize how sad it is to take someone for granted or be the one who is taken for granted. Jumpy was one loss that I can never overcome. I again realized the value of the old set of people and that having a new set of people in your life leaving behind the old ones is not a great idea. I realized that you are on your own. No one stops for you, ever. I lost some pretty good and old relationships too, but I realized how that is a part of life.

Now the resolution check. Last time I took the following resolutions:

1. I will be a li’l less spend-thrift. In fact, I spend more than I could ever imagine. I spoiled myself and probably, everyone around me. 

2. I will be a li’l bit more into studies and roam less. That includes eating out less. I did study more and roamed around less, but sadly I had many eating out sessions. 

3. No alcohol for me. No, seriously. None at all. If only I could!

4. I have to become fit. That includes working out when I can and eating better and healthy. Let us see. I started off as a 63 kgs blob of flesh and ended up same. At least, I did not gain anything. No workout, no healthy eating. 

5. I will try to be less materialistic. Though this one is really subjective, still. As I said, too subjective. 

6. Valuing relationships, like always, I will do that this year as well. This somewhat implies that I have to set my priorities. Oh yes, I can do that. I guess I failed badly at this one. 

7. The guitar. Yes, the guitar. Well, nothing about it. It lies where it was lying, in a corner. 

8. I will write one meaningful short story. I really want to write one. Still on this one. 

9. I will maintain a diary like I used to. Hell yes, I did!

10. I will cook. I really need to start cooking now. I did a great job here!

And thus, I am ready to step into the new year, with a smile and no pressure on myself. 🙂

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