Now, #WillYouShave?

Ever since the “No Shave November” has started, the never-ending debate among my closest group of favourite people has also fueled up.
None of the girls actually agree with the concept of keeping a beard.
I simply fail to understand that what gives guys the impulse to look disgustedly dirty and unclean. Yes, that is exactly my opinion on a beard. But I believe men just love that. And it turns out they have no reason for that. And if at all they have any reason then that is probably the lamest thing one can ever hear. For them, it’s not just the no-shave-November but no-shave-year.
I really want to know that what compels the men to have that unshaven look? An unclean and dirty look can actually screw up many important opportunities and situations. It actually has – one of my friends was rejected in a job interview.
One fine morning, we had this discussion of beard over our lunch. I really want to share the outcome with you because all 8 of us are entirely different in our choice of life. But this one thing about shaving divided the group into two – of boys and girls- which never happened. So, we actually have that one thing that unites just the girls and just the boys of my group of college people.
The result of the discussion is as follows:
Click to enlarge.
As I said, guys really don’t have any logical reason to grow a beard. And this is not just for November, my silly peeps are always like this.
Out of sheer laziness, oh yes. And for people who can not have them, they like it because of that. Just that.
And there, there you have it right from the horse’s mouth that how bad you look with that unshaven look. If you are planning to impress your lady love, trust me she will love you more without that growth of facial hair. Or imagine, your perfect job interviewer turns you down because she is a normal girl with the same opinion. Remember, the first impression is the last impression?
Now that you know this bit of information, imagine your confidence level when you face such situations in life? Knowing that the other person is not going to perceive you in a good manner, you are definitely going to feel self-conscious, isn’t it? And then if you fail, don’t blame it on luck. Luck is just a reflection of what you are, at times.
A well-groomed person leaves a lasting impact than ever.
So go clean. Shave.
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