My Dream Home.

Every single person on this earth has a dream home for himself/herself. And trust me, I am no different. I too dream of a reasonably big house with a beautiful bedroom, a gaming room and a library. Did I miss out of the kitchen and the bathroom? No, they are the most important part of my house at least.The kitchen, of course, is the centre of any household. It is the place to create, feel and live. I am very fond of the kitchen not because I love to cook but because I love to eat too.

How do I imagine my dream kitchen to be? Let me walk you through!

The Kitchen top

Wouldn’t this be an amazing kitchen top to work on and also grab the quick breakfast? This one is white, the most amazing colour on this earth, and perfect to match the colours of my kitchen that I have imagined.


Everyone with whom I live knows my obsession with organization. Be it my laptop or my room or my bookshelf, everything has to be just organized. And yes, the kitchen has to be more than just organized. Doesn’t this one just look perfect? Every piece of utensil and cutlery just exactly at the place where they should be.

Dining furniture.

Yes, my love for white is clear. And a dining area around the kitchen is a must in the house that I dream. Also, a dining table is important because it ensures that the whole family gets to dine together, at least once in a day!

Now comes the bathroom. I am too fond of the bathroom of my place. I can spend hours in there, soaking myself, relieving all the tension off my body. Also, I find it difficult when I imagine having to share my bathroom with someone. It’s okay to do that now with my parents but if I have to get married and share it with an entirely new person- that thought is just scary! But yes, I have to take to tell you about my dream bathroom too!

Rain Shower!

A rain shower is a must. Why? Because we have grown up watching Bollywood movies. Dancing in the rains is, of course, the fantasy of many. And yes, I love this particular concept of a rain shower.

The taps.

Our curtains and paintings are the accessories for our living room. What accessorizes our bathrooms? The taps, isn’t it? Minimal and simple yet elegant these taps are!

Some more Accesories

Yes, my bathing space has to be as organized with the least of decorations. This just perfectly fits my description of the perfecting bathing area!

And finally, a walk-in closet is every girl’s dream. I mean it makes you feel so close to the fairy-tale. A walk-in closet gives you all the more reason to keep your closet clean and to buy more dresses and shoes!

That closet!

I hope this post gave you some idea of my dream home. It is just a li’l glimpse, more to come. In fact, the next post that I write about my dream home would be when I actually own that!

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