Love Never Runs Out of the Firsts

Ayesha was sitting in their apartment where they moved together a year ago. She was reading her favourite book by the bay window while she waited for Anurag. 

The doorbell rang and she knew it was him. She opened the door. Anurag greeted her with a peck on her cheek like he has been doing since the past twelve years, whenever they meet.

“Hi! You freshen up. I will lay the dinner table.”

Anurag quickly changed into his pyjamas. He went to the kitchen to fetch the food. 

“You seem a bit off today, Ayesha. Everything good at work?”, Anurag asked her while putting the food in the microwave for reheating. 

“Work is fine. In fact, I will get my promotion letter next week.” Ayesha’s mind was somewhere else. She was admiring the fact that how they have always worked as a team. She cooks in the morning, he does the dishes, she lays the table, he reheats the food- everything is just so perfect. She was glad to have fallen in love with him while still in school and have literally grown up with him. But..

“Congratulations! But you don’t seem happy about it. Come, tell me what’s the matter.” Anurag gestured her to sit while he served their favourite matar paneer to both of them.

“I was just wondering if we are also heading towards that old boring phase for most of the couples in long term relationships do. No more excitement of the first date, first candle-lit dinner, first holiday together, the first house to move in together..we have had all the “firsts” of our life, no? I mean I know when we start another chapter of our beautiful journey together, like getting married or starting a family, it would be a chain of many firsts, and important too, but what about the US now? You know I am not just complaining. You have been the perfect partner I could have ever imagined..anyone could ever imagine, for that matter. You keep me happy and pampered. We never fight, but this was something that just crossed my mind..”, Ayesha looked confused too.

“Look, honey, for me every day with you is a new day. When we decided to move in together, it was not because I wanted to sleep with you. It was because I wanted to start my day with you, every day. I just find each day as the first day of our love. Everything you mentioned has time, we are past that age may be..”

Ayesha was still a bit off. She was glad she could just tell him that. 

“I know, Anurag. I just wanted to tell you this. I am as happy as I can be when with you.”

They finished their dinner. Ayesha insisted that she would do the dishes tonight. As Ayesha entered the kitchen, she heard the main door close behind her. Anurag must have gone out to feed the street dogs, she thought. 

After a while, Anurag came back. Ayesh was reading her book.

“Baby, come with me.”

“Anurag, at this hour? Where?”

“I just want you to come. No questions.”

They were heading towards their terrace. It was strange because they had never gone to their terrace before. It was only in the morning when Ayesh would go there to water her plants and feed the pigeons. 

The view from the terrace was beautiful. A sky filled with sparkling stars and mild breeze, singing to their ears. 

Anurag held her hand and said, “Tonight we are going to sleep here. Gazing at the stars and talking about the best, the better and the good of our life together. I bet we have never done this before, have we?”

Ayesha could just smile at this man. 

They laid there quietly, enjoying the beautiful starry night. 

“What are you thinking?”, Anurag asked Ayesha.

“That I was wrong. True love never runs out of the firsts…”, she looked at him and smiled, while Anurag was still holding her hand. 

True love is indeed infinite!

This post is a fictional account written under the #BringBackTheTouch campaign in association with Indiblogger and Parachute. (


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