Guest Post 2 | Precious Moments

There are certain moments we dream of, fantasize about, earnestly wait and prepare for only to make sure that we live it in its entirety, live it thoroughly while it lasts.
We make sure to encase it with our magic turning it into the finest moments because such moments barge in uncalled for, faster than a flash catching us off guard only to never ever show up again.
Well, I am no different than other day-dreamers and here is that moment I cherish till date and will continue to do so till my last.
Fifteen long minutes had passed by and I was fuming with rage waiting at the table alone. I despise people who don’t turn up on time. “Is it really fine to fritter away time here?”, I asked myself for the umpteenth time as the fury once again rose higher.
“You’re just having a bad day is all”, I reminded myself to abate the anger. If it weren’t for the deal — which was quite important to my company and me — I wouldn’t have stepped out of my cubicle into this restaurant I was sitting and waiting in.
Out of the blue, relief gushed in me mitigating the frustration and worries in a nanosecond. Through the transparent glass, I gazed at her in astonishment.
She stood out among the crowd brimming with elegance. The beatific smile she wore exuded innocence and joy that gleamed magnificently through her eyes. I couldn’t help but adore her breathtaking beauty. She looked impeccable dressed in pink, needless to say, an angel who had descended right away from heavens.
My heart was thumping faster and I didn’t need another glance to confirm that she was the one I had been waiting for, the one who had stepped out from my dreams.
The time that waits for none had stopped ticking, and so did the whole world, at the least for me as I sat there mesmerized by her beauty.
She quickly crossed the busy road and gently took his hands in hers, holding it firmer than required. Quite prudently they crossed the road together and the old man implanted a kiss onto her forehead thanking her for helping him cross the road.
I couldn’t let this moment slip by and I scurried to where she was standing.
“Hi, I am Aditya Roy”, I looked straight into her eyes and continued, “We don’t know each other but I need to tell you that your elegance is next to none and I have been completely taken in by your smile and ageless beauty.”
She stepped back defensively from the stranger who had just complimented her what every woman wishes to hear, though not from a random stranger.
“My apologies but I haven’t been good with etiquette when it comes to women but I just walked away from the most important deal of my life just to tell you this because I couldn’t just sit there and let you fade into oblivion only to regret it later.”
I was stammering and stuttering with every word and the movie I had amounted in me wouldn’t shake off the nervousness.
She half smiled quite accepting the compliment.
“Excuse me”, After a short pause, the voice ringed in my ears again, “Excuse me, sir”, the waiter said it louder jolting me out from my daydream.
“This is a small present as a token of apology for being late from madam”, the waiter added placing the present and the card on the table.
I threw a quick glance and she was smiling waving bye to the old man and then I quickly looked at the card which read in huge letters- “Sorry”, accompanied by a smile and a name: Shanaya. Accepted the present with grace reminding myself of the deal and returned a no-issues smile to the waiter. 
“I will wait, it isn’t an issue”, I added.
“Please, let me know if you need anything, sir”, added the waiter.
“Sure”, I nodded.
“And, here I was enjoying being the hero almost winning her”, I wondered to myself and at once left the table in haste. “It still isn’t late, not yet”
I glanced all around but now the girl seemed to have disappeared in the crowd. I started toward the door in a hurry as fear of losing her dawned on me.
“What an idiot to daydream right after looking at the angel I had been longing to meet”, I cursed myself. How I wished that the conversation had been real and not another of my stupid imagination.
“Aditya Roy?”, a voice called as I stood at the door of the restaurant.
“I am sorry for the delay but we haven’t discussed the details yet, have we?”, the voice continued.
Dejected, I turned to carry on the deal that I couldn’t run away from now. I had lost a lifetime opportunity.
I stood there enthralled — wearing a dumb expression — looking at Shanaya, the angel I had 
missed almost missed.
Well, earlier, did I happen to say that I am no different and the moments disappear never to return again?
Allow me to correct it as it turns out that I got lucky.
Author’s Note:
This is a fiction, in case you’re wondering. Sushmita Malakar is that one great blogger friend I am glad to have met (hardly met) in Goa. Efforts she puts into each post here always amazes me and I have always admired the candidness in her posts that she effortlessly writes. Well, If you’ve been visiting this blog, I don’t really need to write down how wonderful it is, now do I? 
Also, thanks a ton, Gaabu (earnestly praying that I am not killed after this) for allowing me to contribute to your spectacular world and be a part of it.  Keep writing, touching hearts, and yes, smiling 😀 
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