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Caffe Latte : Eighteen Unusual Short Stories
by Amit Shankar

Even though I am not a fan of new age Indian Authors, this particular book caught my attention when Vitasta Publication came to my college for some seminar. The unusual title of the book was one of the reasons why I decided to read this book. Prior to this book, I have just heard about Amit Shankar for his previous novel. I didn’t read that because of obvious reasons – New age Indian author and love story. 

But somehow, Amit Shanker managed to touch upon various themes in this short stories collection in the most unusual way. I won’t say that all of the stories are amazing, but yes few of them are thoughtful. Some are weird to even believe, some are inspiring and some are a li’l kiddish. 


The narration of each story is very lively and it goes as a conversation between two people in many of the stories. The first person narration of this story called A Highway Called Life is pretty good. The story is great too but I, personally, could not relate it to the title. 

The Black Widow is the story that can be classified as weird. I usually don’t like these sort of paranormal stuff. The narration here is somewhat kiddish.

Then there are inspiring stories like The Chosen One and Writer’s Block. These stories are actually very well written and easy to relate and comprehend too.

The stories are written skillfully and are well articulated.

Theme and Setting
Each story has a very contemporary setting. And yes, the themes are usually very unpredictable. I liked this surprise element of the book!

My Opinion
The book is a fast read. So, if you are someone who loves to read and find it difficult to find time to follow a full-fledged novel, then this book is surely a good read. The language is simple and spontaneous. Its like the whole picture comes to your mind when you are reading the stories.

The author has very well put forward his thoughts and you can very well make out what could have been the situations that made way for such stories.

Some stories can actually give you an alternate to the usual way of thinking and life that we all have. I really liked this particular story The Lion, The Leopard and The Hyna for the way it has explained some really simple facts of life.

If you come across this book, this is a good read. You can finish this book in a maximum of two sittings. So there is no harm in trying this one!

Publisher : Vitasta
Price: INR 150
Pages: 193
My Ratings : 2.5/5


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