After a long time, I am writing for In(di)spire! This time the prompt is pretty good. So many things can come out of this: Do you have a Ghost Experience? Do you wanna share it? Well now is the time 🙂

I am so sure that people will be coming up with their funny or scary stories. But my story is really scary. At least it was for me when it happened.

My father has always told me that it is totally my discretion if I wanted to believe in Good powers or the Evil powers. He has always maintained that The God or the Ghosts, they stay in your heart. If you want them to stay there, be it. If you don’t want to then chase them out. But at the same time, he made sure that the stories of the supernatural powers were a part of my growing up years.

My ghost story, when happened, was a dream come true for me. I have always dreamed about good and bad ghosts (blame my dreams to the stories that my father told me!), but I never had that experience.

It was a long day for my family. My uncle, my father’s brother, had passed away after a long illness. He used to stay in West Bengal. He had never come to our place in Delhi. But his treatment was going on in the biggest hospital in Delhi. My father wanted his brother to survive at any cost. And he did all that he could, but.

My uncle, during his treatment, said that he would get well super soon because he has to see our home in Delhi. But the only time he came here was as a lifeless body in the hospital ambulance. Everything around me was sad. I saw my father crying for the very first time. I saw all the clan of mine gather at my place, crying loudly. I saw my uncle’s corpse, yellow and cold, lying peacefully.

I could not get that picture out of my head somehow. I was pretty young, around 10. It was already 7 in the evening. My uncle’s body was taken to the cremation ground. All the ladies of the family were sitting in the hall of my house, talking and sobbing. My mom took me to my room to put me to sleep. My room was exactly opposite to the place where my uncle’s last rituals were performed.

I was tired too. I closed my eyes and tried sleeping. I was completely blank. I did not think a single thing, just tried to sleep.

Suddenly I heard a slight whisper near my ears. I got up as quickly as I could. There was no one around me. Everything in the room was as it was before I slept. It was hard that any of my cousins came in and left. I heard the whisper again. This time I could make out that it was my name that was being said. The name by which only my mom calls me. And yes, my uncle too.

I got really scared. I tried to shout. But I could not. I opened my mouth. I was shouting and crying for my mom. No sound came out of my mouth. I got really scared. I could sense the heat in my ears and my tears were rolling down my cheeks. But the room was as silent as it could be, despite my efforts to make some sound.

The whisper appeared again. All it said was as follows :

“Don’t be afraid. I am just here to say goodbye before my body vanishes in the thin air. Bye. And take care of as many people as you can.”

I sat there in an eternal shock. It was not a dream because I know it was not. It happened for real. I never slept in that room again. I shifted my room also. After almost 13 years, I have shifted back to my room. It is at times scary, but I know one thing that my experience was not a bad one. It was just something that was meant to be.

  1. @Indrani
    Thanks for dropping by. 🙂
    The fact that my uncle was not too close to me make me think if that was something I imagined or did it really happen..

  2. The words before a final good bye are important, aren't they? Also, agree with your Dad. It's the belief that counts.

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