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Have you ever had a dream that just stuck to your mind, which you never forgot after seeing it and is just a permanent memory you created out of nowhere? I am sure this might have happened to many of you, as I am not a special child of God who is blessed with this “power”. I have had many such overpowering and sometimes long sticking dreams. Some I remember from early childhood which has not left me since some were pretty strong for a duration but faded with time and some have just freshly been brewed. Sometimes I really wonder if such dreams possess an omen, are open to interpretation or are just a representative of your mental state at that time. If they really are your mental state at that time then why do they persist as a memory with you? These are some questions that pop up in my mind whenever some “resilient dream” is recalled by my brain or a new one is created.
I remember a peculiar dream from my very early childhood, whereby the dream had the world after my mom passes away leaving me still a child of that age. It is pretty vivid to me that the world became entirely sympathetic. But when I woke up, the emotion I had was nothing less than a pure naked terror. I just ran to my mother, clinched her tight and didn’t leave her for the longest while I could manage. She kept asking me what happened and I didn’t utter a word for the fear that my saying it from my mouth would make it real. This is long back when I would have been 7 or 8 years old, and that time passed without any such mishap. I am not very sure why this particular dream became my very first “resilient dream”, there was no omen hidden in that from what I know and neither was that a state of mind I bore at that time. It might only be the sheer horror, terror and how paralyzed I feel at the very thought of this happening even now. I am not very sure what would happen to me in such a case for I can’t imagine myself without her.
The reason for this particular article is not my first “resilient dream” but the very recent one, which I think may be open to interpretation, marks an omen or may even represent my state of mind a few days back. As it was very well conveyed by the Christopher Nolan directed Inception, a dream never has a start nor an ending; you just find yourself amid a dream out of nowhere. The same happened when I found myself waving down to my very dear friend Ankit Sharma from the window of my room. He was standing on the street in front of a grocer’s stall where people were animatedly engaged in their morning activities. I quickly climbed down to him and we started our daily ritual of having a stroll together in the morning and getting into a new political discussion on the front page of that day’s newspaper. Further, it depicted my usual (real world) stance with his point of view on the topic, i.e. agreement. While we were discussing and moving through a beautiful clean road surrounded by lush green trees, an elderly joined us who happened to hear us. He was in complete agreement of our views and praised us for understanding the gravity of the situation at such young ages and wished us good luck for the future. Now when I mentioned, “real world” I meant that what I do in real life. As everything else mentioned from my room to the grocer stall are not the things I have seen in my real life or the daily stroll with Sharmaji which I make. Though it might be linked to the fact that he has recently been addicted to morning runs around our campus. Another real world thing would be our regular talks on political, religious or common topics.
Next, we return back to the front of grocer’s stall and apparently I had been carrying an umbrella all this time in anticipation of rain. We were walking towards the base of the staircase to my room in usual Sharmaji’s manner whereby he says ” Chalna thodi aage tak, chalte chalte baat karte hain and then I will return”. And suddenly the rain started and grew loud. Instead of giving away that umbrella to Ankit, we decided to walk him to his door which turned out to be the main entrance of my School. It was different, the porch at the entrance did not bear any roof, there was rubble at the entrance and the entire aura gave me a sense of after Hogwarts War castle in the seventh part of Harry Potter series. We crept in drenched in rain, walking past the reception we entered the kindergarten wing of the school. It was no usual either, the walls dividing the wing into different classrooms had disappeared, Students of MBE first year (my present institution of Study) were appearing for their semester exams. We were to maintain silence while we walked past the halls. I was pretty sure that we don’t have to disturb these people while they write their exam and out of nowhere turns up a friend who started talking to me loudly. I shushed her, but she played around with loud noises to irk me. We quickly left that hall, entering another one where she did not accompany us. It was a similar hall with more students writing the exam. Here accompanied us another girl who had been in my quarrel list for some time now but amazingly she had this sense of understanding that we don’t have to disturb these people and helped me maintain silence. And I walked out of the dream with my mom calling out for me to get ready for Dussehra worship. Interestingly all this while in the school I was troubled by the hook of an umbrella I carried and struggled to close it till the end of the dream.
The second part of the above dream obviously links my very recent involvements with people to my roots, my school, which appears to be shattering somehow or maybe transforming for good, I don’t know. Sharmaji, who remain with me throughout the dream, I believe is my soul, my reality as I respect this person to the core, look up to him for inspiration and aspire to learn a lot from him. It’s not like I go to him with my troubles and seek solution every now and then, I might have rarely done so. But whenever I meet him, talk to him even for half an hour in the entire day, I have this big smile on my face for the rest of my day. Yes, a special account for this person was necessary as what he is to me, I might not have even shared with him.  The first year students writing exams and my sense of duty towards them indicate the real sense of care I feel for their batch, which I am not aware I developed somehow recently. The two people that pop up, again indicate my state of mind, or an omen to these people’s real nature/ purpose in my life.
I am really not sure if this is a new entry to the list of my “resilient dreams” or would it fade away with time. But this has surely inspired me to write this article, assess myself, my current life and opened a new direction I could turn my writing to, for it really inspires me to talk/write/sing about dreams.
 Inspiration for this Post:
“Sushmita Malakar”- the only reason, the only inspiration behind this post. It’s her blog, the way she writes them with dedicated heart, the manner in which she writes and doesn’t bound herself by any social boundaries, which inspired me to write this one without holding back anything in my writing. I am a regular follower of her blog or should I say- made to follow her blog regularly by randomly receiving links to the new blog whenever she writes one! 😛 But jokes apart, I love your blog Sush and just want to say that keep writing!! It’s a great treasure that you are creating here.
And lastly, I thank you for giving me this opportunity to write something for your blog and contribute what little I could in this treasure of yours. 🙂
  1. I am not sure as to what led me to this blog. Was it the day's turn-of-events where a friend of mine gets to review a book and post it in her blog or where I see a face beaming with satisfaction and a sense of astonishment. Such was the moment's sense of realization and inspiration.

    Coming to this post, Vaibhav Garg, I am truly mesmerized. I do not read blogs or posts whatsoever but this post (to which I'm not sure how I ran into) has been an experience- an enthralling one to say the least. You have painted a beautiful picture, specially of Sharmaji and the place you wander around.Keep writing. Keep inspiring.

    Cheers 🙂

  2. Hello Ankit!
    It so amazing if I did really manage to capture your imagination. 🙂

    It would be my pleasure to sit down with you someday and interpret your resilient dream, if you allow. 🙂 🙂

  3. Hi Vaibhav! Your post reminded me of a resilient dream of my own in which I am in my house and I suddenly start running and somehow end up in a desert. Wonder what that might mean.

    You captured my imagination with the beautiful description. 🙂

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