Date with God!

Durga Puja. The best time of the year for almost every Bengali around the world. I mean I don’t know but one can see a whole new level of zeal in each and every Bengali who exists on this earth.

I will be wrong if I say that I am no different. I am not really very excited. Initially, it was all about shopping for loads of dresses to flaunt on each day of the Pujo. Then it turned into a one day picnic to pandal-hopping with family. And finally, it was just about going to offer the sacred anjali to the Goddess who comes around yearly. I have never been a fan of Durga Puja. I never had any friends in there. Also, I had nothing to do there once I passed the age of participating in the drawing and recitation competitions.

This year was no different. On the first day, after doing the morning ritual, I returned back home, leaving my mom at the pujo-pandal. The next day, I decided to do the same but my mom asked me not to go. I sat on a chair. I was not ready to meet the ghost from my Durga Pujo past. It all came back to me again-sitting alone, doing nothing, wondering why is my life such hell and so on.

Then suddenly, I heard a voice.


I looked around. A lady, all dressed like  Ma Durga,  was staring at me with her huge eyes. I got scared at first, but then I had the most amazing conversation of my life.

“Hi! But who are you?”

“You just offered me those sandalwood kissed flowers. You sure you don’t know who am I?”

“I really don’t think I should answer that! Why are you so decked up?”

“Because that is how people expect me to be. Anyway, I am here to meet you. Just saw you sitting here and getting bored. I can so identify with the getting bored part- standing like that for so much time!”

“And this is the first time you saw me sitting here and  getting bored?”

“No! I have to deal with loads of people in just three days every year. And trust me, I have seen sadder people than you. I was just waiting for the right time. Also, you are not sad. You just look for too many answers always.”


“Let’s have a li’l chat date? But let us move inside the temple area. It is too hot here”

“Date? With you?”

“I know Shiva would have been a better one to go with on a DATE! But you hang around with girls all the time calling it a”

“Oh yes! Okay! That was my doubt. Really!”

“Save your sarcasm! Let’s move!”

“All right. Wouldn’t it be weird for people to see you walking around like this?”

“They don’t see me.”

“Oh Great! So I am actually walking towards the temple on a day when everyone is sitting outside while talking to myself. Are you sure this is not a dream?”

“Pinch yourself. Or let me do that?”

“Yeah! Okay! You realize that I am too surprised to react or talk!”

“I know right? Even I would have been the same. So tell me, why are you such a question mark always?”

“Like you don’t know. Why do you always push me at a crossroad from where the next turn is just so unknown? Why do you have to leave me so clueless all the time?”

“Are you sure you don’t choose the way to the crossroad yourself? I mean there are ways to avoid the crossroads. But if you say that, you have to believe that if I have pushed you somewhere, I will pull you out of that. I am a perfectionist, always. So, I never leave anything incomplete.”

“And if I say I chose the way?”

“Then you have no right to blame me or anyone for that matter. Right?”

“True! And what about the so-called test of patience that you take?”

“I don’t do that! Everything has the right time. If you can not wait for it, then it’s your impatience. I never test anyone’s patience, please!”

“And hard work? To what thing or quality is it exactly proportional to?”

” See, there is no way you can quantify hard work. If you work towards something, you get it. No matter how much you work, if you have worked in the right direction with the right focus, you achieve what you want.”

“So you mean, I have been unfocused and directionless all my life?”

“Are we standing at the gateway of heaven or hell? Is this your judgement day?”


“Has your life ended?”


“Then I don’t think you are in a position to ask such a question. Also, a person learns from his mistakes. So, it is totally to an individual’s discretion how much time he/she takes to learn the lesson.”

“What if the individual is lost, completely?”

“Trust me, I never let that happen.”

“And how do you define luck?”

“See, this is what I meant when I said you seek too many answers! This was a date for heaven’s sake!”

“You can not dodge this one like that!”

“Clever, ain’t you? Well, luck is something that even I can not define completely. So twisted it is. But that doesn’t mean you can escape everything blaming it on luck. It is always a good thing. Your bad luck is someone else’s good lick. So..”

“Hey! You are the God, not me. I am a human. If something doesn’t work for me, I have the right to be sad and at times, disappointed.”

“I know! Well then, always remember that keep luck for the good things. And don’t be an escapist by blaming luck all the time for your delayed success. See what I did there?”

“Yes, apparently no one is a failure for you. It is always about the success that comes at the quote-unquote, the right time.”

“Exactly! I guess we should leave now. Its time for me to sleep. Damn! I am tired.”

“At this hour?”

“Its afternoon. You are a bong! You know how important it is for us to sleep in the afternoon! See, they are even closing the temple for my nap!”

“Oh yes! So we meet again sometime then?”

“Its a date. And it would be as surprising as today!”

That is it, folks! I probably had a great conversation at a good time!

This is a fictional account. 


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