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Yes, the title may be inspired by a typical Bollywood film, but the whole point of writing this is just to establish the fact that not every love story has to be a melodrama. Not every love story should have a villain, it is always about the love that makes a story a love-story.

In the past 12 months of my life, I have met an entirely new and crazy set of people. Some are extremely cute and they would never leave the cuteness behind, some are crazy, some are cunning, some are beautiful and some are just normal people. I met this girl, who happens to be a senior and my friend’s roommate.

Kundanika (yes, it took me 2 months to get her name right) is one pretty lady that I have come across in my life so far. Petite yet strong. She might look like a girl-girl, but she is not. She is a tomboy in disguise.

As she is my senior here, I was quite intimidated by her. It took me another 2 months to call her Kundu. Kundu sounds really cute by the way. Then the usual things started happening which happen when you befriend someone. You talk, you crack jokes, you eat food together and so on. But then suddenly I came to know that she is getting married. I first took it as a joke. I mean who gets married while still in college. But it was no joke. And then I realized someone just pressed the fast forward button. The usual course in friendship is that you get to know them, you know more about them, then you know a li’l more and finally, you attend their wedding.

And before I could familiarize this fact, everyone was busy with the wedding preparation. But I was certainly more concerned about the fact that I have to know her well.

Her pre-wedding photography gave me the whole idea of writing this post for her. If pictures can weave a story, why can’t words? Though the pictures did it more beautifully this time!

And then it all starts. She was getting married after an eight-year-long relationship. And they say love doesn’t last forever! They are apparently the cutest couple I have come across.

With the wind in her hair and sparkles in her eyes, over a cup of coffee, Kundu told me about how this love story blossomed with a short email from Anjit, her now husband. The two of them belong to one beautiful state of India and met each other in the engineering college of the same state, Uttar Pradesh. Not that it was love at first sight, but yes, love that took time to flourish. And she went on with her story of how things were never that so – obvious and so- love-struck. And when you stand on the line separating the happy ending and the beautiful beginning, everything seems just perfect and hassle-free.

When I had this conversation with her, she was probably the calmest and composed bride-to-be. I was really impressed by the way she was managing and handling everything around her wedding. I can never forgive myself for not attending her wedding, but yes Kundu, you have always been special to me! 🙂

Sharing some of the beautiful bride’s pictures here.

And it has been six months now and they are still as happening as they have always been! Some stories are just meant to be. And I am waiting for the other episodes of this particular story!

Happy six-months anniversary. And as I promised, I will always make you feel special.

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