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By Abhimanyu Jha
Fantasy told in a contemporary way.
The first time I heard about this book, I was a bit fascinated. And of course, the first thing that I did was to search for the website ““. It takes you to Abhimanyu Jha’s website. Not a disappointment at least! I have never read this author before. So the best part about starting this book was that I had no expectations from him. The author is an entrepreneur, so he has very well penned down the beginning of the book, focusing on the life of the protagonist, who himself is an entrepreneur.  I am not a fan of the new age Indian authors. It is always about reading some Hindi movie. Did this book justify my prejudice? 
The narration is pretty interesting. The conversations are pretty relate-able. Use of simple words and phrases is a plus. But somehow, that is not what I like personally. But yes, the narration is the only thing about this book that can keep one glued. Oh yes, not to forget the sarcasm. A pretty good dose of sarcasm has been imbibed in this book.
Theme and Setting
When you read the word “ghost” in the name, you might start thinking about the horror being associated. But sadly, it is not like that. The book is, yes, like a very filmy drama. It has taken the story of ghosts to a whole new level. Complete with a half-blind (substituted the mad- ghost tamers very nicely) lady who can talk to ghost, a hero who fell in love with the ghost and an centuries-old ghost (perhaps the old hag of any movie), this book will be liked by the people who can just read anything like Chetan Bhagat. Now, I like that man. He knows the Indian mind! The description and ghosts-scenes (yeah, since this is more like a movie) are very much inspired by the Harry Potter series.
Having said that, I don’t mean that this book lacks originality, it is just that many things were so repetitive. The love story is pretty cute. The description of a man falling in love with a ghost, I am sorry, a soul is pretty well described.
The book is about two young people. One a guy, who realizes his joke of one day with his friend as a real venture, that is a dating website for ghosts and other a girl, who unfortunately dies young and has two weeks’ time to find her lover. She is the first person to register on the ghost dating website. And then, there is this lady, who helps to decrypt the ghosts to our young entrepreneur.
Yes, the boy and the girl has to fall in love. It is customary for the impossible to happen. But yes, the way the emotions have been rendered is commendable.  
My Opinion
To be fairly honest, I did not like this book much. It took me a lot of time to read. I hate books which are a slow read, especially when nothing meaningful comes out of it. I am not a ghost lover. I am not a love story lover. So this is typically not my kind of book. Also, the amalgamation of various thing did not do the magic for me. Read only if you must!
Publisher : Srishti Publisher
Price: INR 195
Pages: 246
My Ratings : 2/5
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