10 day YOU challenge. 1 picture.

Now that you know almost everything about me, its time that I put up a nice picture of mine.As they say, choices define a person, I’m sure by now all the posts have given you the idea of what kind of a person I am. Writing the last nine posts was an experience for me. I’m glad that I took up the challenge.

This picture would have been a treat if I was an anonymous blogger. I have left the life of anonymity now. I will put one picture that I love. And there are certain reasons to put it.

1. It has Mahimaa in it.

2. We are wearing saree. I love sarees. I just love them. Also, this photo is taken on the day I first time wore a saree.

3. This photo is taken in my college. I might have cribbed about it a lot. But when I look back, this place taught me almost every truth of life. I love this place.

4. Our candid expressions! And also, the love we share.

That is it. End of a mini-era, that kind of revealed a lot of me. I liked it. I feel complete.


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