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I am a lazy shopaholic. I want to buy everything, have everything that I desire but I won’t take the pain of going out with my friends or family to some actual market and buy them for myself. I would rather sit at home and pray that someone would just read my mind and get them for me.

My sister is a smart shopper when it comes to utilizing the available time to the fullest. She has been a regular shopper with Although her testimony is often sufficient for me to try new things, somehow I am paranoid about MY things. She has been regularly buying her clothes and footwear from this website, but when it comes to clothes and footwear for me, I will have some hundred size issues. And when I find the size to be perfect, I have the colour and the design issues. No matter how much I like them, I will always manage to give myself reasons to find some defect.

Anyhow, I decided that if not clothes then why not other stuff that I use? I ran out of my kajals and I was too lazy to go out and shop for them. As I mentioned that I am paranoid about my stuff, no matter how much I wished for a secret genie to get my stuff for me, I always prefer to buy my stuff on my own.

So one fine day, I opened my laptop and visited this website. A very easy to use and navigate the website, this one took me by surprise. The website is less flashy, pleasing to the eyes and is well sorted.  I could quickly navigate to the make-up for eyes in the woman section. It took hardly 10 minutes of my life to order what I desired.

As soon as I placed my order, I received email and SMS confirming the same. They informed me that my package will be delivered to me in 5-6 business days. And yes, I had my first con against online shopping. Waiting is a major part. As soon as I had this in my mind, I received another SMS saying that my order has been shipped from the nearest warehouse. Man! That was quick.

The very next day even before I left my bed, I received another SMS stating my order number and a link where I could track my package real time. Usually, the package tracking by various courier services means updating the customer with the various check-points of the package. The use of “real-time” intrigued me. I quickly opened the link. To my surprise, it had the Google Maps page opened with a red line showing the exacting path the delivery boy is following and the exact location of my package. I think this is really helpful in some situations. I was impressed.


And within minutes, my package arrived at my doorstep. It was well packed. One of my major concern was the well being of my kajal when they arrive. The worry was gone for sure.

As soon as I opened it, I found my kajal sticks well intact with a sturdy bubble – wrap packing. And yes, the people surely know how to keep their customers coming back. They sent across a gift coupon for my next purchase.

I am surely happy enough to try and order other things from this website.


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