The Black for the Whites!

(This is a winning entry for the #WhatTheBlack contest)

I hate the bi-annual trips to the dentist. Even after having the habit of brushing my teeth twice a day, my dentist says that I have the same problem as 70% of his patience-plaque. What does my dentist expect? Should I get inside my mouth every day and vacuum clean it?

I feel terrible. Even thinking about going to the dentist today before work makes me feel sick. I think I will go for a walk. It makes me feel good.
After changing into my track pants, I feel refreshed as I walk in this park. 
“Hey, you! Why would you kick me?”
I just kicked a li’l pebble on way. I know it is a bad habit, but having a good habit of doing my daily ritual of brushing my teeth twice, religiously, has not paid anything.
I can not see anyone around. Who said that?
“Down here, you moron!”
A li’l pebble is waving towards me. Am I dreaming?
“I am sorry. I was lost in my thought. I did not intend to hurt you. But how can you talk? You are a pebble!”
“Firstly, I am charcoal. My name is Chalky. Secondly, I see that you are upset. Is there any way I can help you?”
“I am not sure Chalky. I just don’t want to visit my dentist today. Despite having a good habit of brushing every day, he will say that I have plaque deposits. I am sorry for kicking you.”
“It is okay. Sometimes, the solution to any problem lies with the problem itself. Let’s go into your mouth and ask the plaque itself that how will it go away.”
“Are you kidding me?”
“No. Pick me up. I will take you to a tour of your mouth.”
I don’t think there was any harm. I will pick Chalky up. 
I feel a sudden tickling in my whole body. I see myself lying there. Chalky is holding my hand. We are of the same size. This has to be a dream.
“I am glad you sleep with your mouth open. It saves us from the extra effort of making you open your mouth. Don’t worry, this is just for the tour. You will be back to your senses once we come back from your mouth.”
I can see Chalky giggling. And I feel so weird climbing up to my face and then into the mouth. 
“Let us go!”
My mouth looks huge. My beautiful white teeth with the li’l bits of food in the deep corners. Yes, they will become plaque one day and then my dentist will again accuse me of not brushing my teeth.
“Let us look for Mr Plaque now.” 
We are taking rounds of my mouth, looking for Mr Plaque. Suddenly, I see, between the two incisors of my lower jaw, Mr Plaque is sitting with his two kids.
“Mr Plaque, what shall I do so that you leave my mouth?”
“How can you just come to my house, without my permission?”
I sensed Mr Plaque’s anger because of the invasion. I have to say something.
“But this is about MY oral health!”
“Mr Plaque, I understand your anger. But do you see even you have invaded my friend’s mouth? You are living here without her permission here. Is it right?”
“All we want to know is how to get rid of you!”
“Okay, I get your point. Let us strike a deal. We play treasure hunt. I will give you certain clues. If you win, I leave with my family. If you don’t, I will never leave this place. And I will build my own colony.”
I feel confused. Do I have to strike a deal with my own plaque?
“So here is your first clue!”
I grind. I chew.
Without me, the chances of digesting your food are very few.
Come Chalky! I know what this clue points. I have studied my biology right in school!”
We start running towards my molars. Oh God! Why is my mouth so huge!
I see one of my molar completely high. And there stands a black egg. It looks evil. There are black egg shells lying around too. And I can smell dark chocolate.
“Looks like your molar is sugar-high. Look at the chocolate lying there. Also, this black egg seems like an Easter egg. Maybe Mr Plaque is asking you to quit eating chocolates.”
All I could think of is picking up the egg and eating it. I just love chocolates. 
“I don’t think that is the case, Chalky. We asked for a permanent solution. Quitting chocolates will not completely stop my plaque to grow. What about the other food? Let us look for some more clue.”
“Here, I found it!  
I don’t know why I exist.
I can never be the boss, I am here to assist.
Now what this could be?”
“I don’t know, Chalky. I am tired. Let us sit and enjoy the chocolate, while we think.”
“I think I know the answer. Could it possibly be your pre-molars? They are transitional teeth between molars and canines. Also, they perform the same task as molars. So?”
“Yes! We can check out that space!”
We are still so tired that none of us is interested in running now. We are slowly walking towards my pre-molars. I can see one of them waving a black paper towards us. 
“This is a newspaper. Probably, Mr Plaque wants you to be as regular as a newspaper, in brushing your teeth!”
“That is okay. But why is it black? Does this have something to do with you?”
“I am as clueless as you are. Don’t give me such looks!”
“All right. I found the next clue inside the paper. It says :
I rip. I tear.
No matter if it is a pear or a bear.
Who eats a bear? Yuck!”
“Carnivores mammals do! So that means we have to go to your canines to find the next clue?”
Mr Plaque seems to be a witty man. He has very well planned to take me to every nook and corner of my mouth. I can see one of my canine standing with a cup. A black cup. And it is smiling, broadly!
The canine is offering me and Chalky a black cup, filled with black coffee. 
“I am lost. I don’t know where all this is going.”
“No worries, Chalky. But I know where we have to go now. I don’t need the clue. Let us go to my incisors. I am sure they have the final clue. “
I see my grinning incisors. I have to know the reason. As I got closer, I can see something shining. It is something black. 
It seems like a black toothbrush. But a black toothbrush?
#WhatTheBlack is happening here?”
We hear clap sounds. Both of us turn back to see Mr Plaque standing there. 
Congratulations! You won! This is the Colgate SlimSoft Charcoal Toothbrush. The micro bristle helps you clean deep inside and the charcoal-infused bristles help you get rid of the plaque bacteria. My work is done here. A deal is a deal. I leave now with my family. Bye!”

“I think we should also go now. Hold my hand”

I am feeling the same tickling sensation. I am sitting on the road. Chalky is small again.
“It is time for us to say goodbye! I hope you use the toothbrush in the best possible manner. I did not know about that use of mine! I feel glad today. Keep up with your good habit, mate and leave your bad habit of kicking stones!”

“I am sorry again Chalky! But thank you for the wonderful time. I already feel better now. I will go to my dentist now. See you around. Bye!”

I hope you made out that this was a fiction. This is a part of the #WhatTheBlack campaing in association with Colgate and BlogAdda.
  1. This post is a sure-shot winner. I was right in not even attempting to write a post myself. It would have been an embarrassment, especially being up against such entries.

    All the best!

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