Sharma Ji!

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We all have that one Sharma Ji in our lives who somehow ends up being a major character in some of the episodes of our lives. Be it in the form of the Sharma Ji whose beta/beti always scores better marks than you or the Sharma Ji who becomes an integral part of your friend circle, a Sharma Ji has to be there in every Indian’s life.

Unfortunately, I never had one. I never had an annoying neighbour with the extra laborious kids so that my dad could measure my performance in any aspect of life or I never had a friend whom I could call Sharma Ji. But the summer of 2013 had a new surprise in store for me.

During the orientation of my post-graduate course, this Sharma Ji comes on to the podium to give his brief introduction. He looked like a perfect B-school guy. And since I have always given in to my temptations, I did not lose a moment to go and sit with him for the next three days of our orientation program. He acted like a typical IITian, kind of unapproachable and maintaining his airs, the first day. That was it, he became my one-time crush because he was, and still is, adorably cute. Somehow, he managed to tell me about his longtime plan of setting up of some fashion retail store in the first meeting only. I should take much pride in my charms. Thank you.

From cute to character-less, the journey took just one night and I am not to be taken wrong when I said that. I am talking about the fresher’s night when he was not just high on life but on way too many things that I don’t even wish to mention. And that was it, I was done with him. Call me judgmental if you wish to.

By far, whatever I just uttered about him might make one think very lowly of Sharma Ji. Or it might even make one wonder why the hell has he been mentioned around here.

This Sharma Ji defied the golden rule of “The first impression is the last impression.” Not about the cute part though. He is adorable when you meet him for the first time and that feeling increases exponentially during every other meeting with him. Eventually, he turned out to be that one person that everyone would want in his/her life. Having said that, I assure you that there is no exaggeration in that statement.

For a super-sensitive person, who works solely from the heart, this person is way too rational and intelligent. He is not the person who would give you free advice based on his experiences (given his age!), but rather be a patient listener to all your worries. He is clueless when it comes to consoling someone and rather becomes an escapist, but then, he is the one coming up with the most logical condolence. No, he is not an agony aunt. He is, he is just Sharma Ji.

I seriously think that at times he believes himself to be some South-Indian actor. And yes, he kind of drags people into his herogiri.

He is a chick magnet. Not really though, even the guys like him. He would talk to everyone without any preconceptions or post conceptions about anyone. If a girl flirts with him, no matter who, he will flirt back in the most decent way. I am not even sure if he realizes that he is a chick magnet. Girls, just love hanging around him.

I am clueless that why guys like him so much. He doesn’t give out some not-so-straight vibes. At least, I think so. But yes, he is adored by all. I don’t know what exactly is the reason behind this. He is careless yet responsible. He is witty yet stupid. He would do everything without any qualms. And he makes sure that he excels in them. He is an epitome of humility. And yes, he is a great manager! People really aspire to be like him. I do!

Yes, at times he has tried to give me free advice and those are the only advice to which I have acted in a long time. Remember, advice are not a rarity these days?

I won’t claim that he is my best friend for I am still looking for the definition of that word. I have lost my best friends to time, so probably refraining from calling people that might cancel the jinx. Secondly, I have always maintained that a guy and a girl cannot be friends. The friendship eventually becomes one-sided.

But yes, this Sharma Ji is one achievement of my life. I am glad to have met him, mutually made him an integral part of my life. Not that actually, I care for this person a lot.  Some bad days or when you know that your purple sky is going to fly over you, just a smile from this guy can assure you that things are going to be fine. Thanks for helping me cut out one more point from my Bucket-List.

Ankit, you are a wonderful person. Stay like this forever! I am always going to respect you for what you are because of what you have been to me and of course, because of the generation gap.(:P)

He called himself the go-to-guy during the orientation. He is that for sure. He is always around for everyone.

  1. Hey Siddharth! Firstly, a big thank you for hanging around in My World and scanning through each post 🙂
    Truly motivating! 😀

    And yes, he is a great friend and mentor. Unfortunately, he is a companion and partner to someone else 😛

  2. Haha I think it is pretty obvious what happened on day one. High on life and high on "stuff" is pretty self-explanatory. Good going.
    Nice to have such a friend/companion/partner/mentor…everything in one.

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