A day well spent with Borosil and friends!

As soon as I got hold of some very beautiful utensils by Borosil, I couldn’t wait to use them to cook, bake and serve.
I was looking for a chance, when I would cook every meal by myself, my way, so that I can use the dishes, again, my way. Then came a day, when my school friends planned a day-in at my place. 8 years and I never invited them to my place for a typical Bengoli treat.
And thus, it turned out to be that one day which was spent in the kitchen. It is a big thing for my mom if I step into the kitchen. I am a good cook (self-proclamation, yes!), but I also believe in the fact that over-use of certain talents can make them go stale!
I started with a healthy breakfast. I made upma with freshly prepared peach juice.
The upma looked best in the cook-and-bake smart round dish with lid. The peach juice spread its magic in the small squat Vision glasses.

The followed a typically Bengali lunch of chhola’r dal bhaat and yes, chicken.

Cooking the dal is usually an easy task, but making it look interesting is not. Borosil helped me do that.

Chhola’s dal in the Gourmet dish with lid.

For lunch, I also prepared koshano mangsho, for my and my friend’s love for chicken. This was the first time that I cooked anything non-vegetarian.

Koshano mangsho in the smart serving bowl.

And finally the dinner – baked baked corn with bell peppers. I loved what I baked. The Borosil bake and serve deep square dish to help me bake the food and make it look good at the same time.

The dinner ended with some homemade cold coffee with vanilla ice-cream.

Baked baby corn with bell-peppers in the bake-and-serve deep square dish.

More than my friends, I loved what I cooked. The food looked good but it tasted even better.

It was indeed a day well spent with loads of food and gossip.

My beautiful peeps!

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This post is written for a contest on IndiBlogger in association with Borosil. 

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