Zest. The only way of life!

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The Oxford Dictionary defines zest as great enthusiasm and energy. 

This one word can never have a different meaning for different people. Anything, any person or any situation that fills you with great excitement is your zest. If you are a traveller, the idea of a good trip gives you the adrenalin rush. If you love books, the smell of a new book or news of some great release fills you with an unbeatable level of enthusiasm.

I have always believed that the only way to live life is by taking it with full vigour and enthusiasm. No matter what, the world is indeed an echo!

I thought of describing a few things which give me the sudden energy to do something or the other in life.

All right, I know I might have outgrown for this one, but yes, thinking about a Harry Potter-ish world or may be dreaming about a genie who would grant me any wish is what keeps me going. I might have admitted many times that I live in my make-belief world, but yes, that is the way at times to deal with the harsh realities and facing life with a smile! Now, when I say fantasy, I don’t mean a Disney princess life. An undercover CIA or FBI agent is more like it!

My sudden cravings
I might be PMS-ing all round the year, but what keeps me going are those sudden cravings for some particular food at a particular time. How do they keep me going and give a boost to all the energy I have? Well, this might be short term, but whenever I have some food-craving, I work with double enthusiasm to finish the task in hand, so that I can treat myself with it. Trust me, it seems a well-deserved treat then. My cravings are too difficult to handle at times. They jump from Italian to Indian to Mexican in minutes. There are times when I have food cravings defined by colour. If I want to eat something white, I must have something white. *sigh*

Element of Surprise
I love surprises and yes, shocks too. In short, things that happen suddenly in life give me an impulse to be more enthusiastic towards life. They always make me strong and believe more in the age-old philosophy of hope-for-the-best-and-prepare-for-the-best. Having said that, I have to tell you that the sudden surprises of long lost friends visiting are my favourite part.

I might act as a love-sick puppy at times, but I am lucky to have an abundance of love in my life. Sometimes, the thought of being loved by so many people around is enough to pull me out of the distress. Love gives you the sense of security that everyone seeks. I am too glad to have my parents and family to have my back, whenever I need it the most. They drive me, half of the times.

I hate planning. I don’t like when things are planned way too much in advance. A bit of planning, to have a broad idea, is okay at times, but planning is never a way of life. One of my major reasons to hate planning is that whenever you are over-enthusiastic regarding anything, it just never happens. Spontaneous decisions, on the other hand, give the right amount of energy level and enthusiasm to deal with any situation. When you plan something for a long time, somewhere during the course you lose a chunk of enthusiasm when the real time comes. This factor is completely eliminated in the case of spontaneity.

Very recently, I was in Gurgaon for dinner with my sister and her husband. We had no plans, just a plain dinner. But suddenly we decided to go for a long drive to Jaipur. No extra clothes no change, no place to check-in, no plans at all just a simple spontaneous decision that ended up on a memorable journey.

Thus, more than things, its the situation that gives me that needful zest of my life. Call me crazy, but that is how I work.


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