Zest. The only way of life! Part 3.

All right, so I might have defined “zest” in my way a week back. But TATA Motors today, gave me a different definition of the word “zest” about which I have blabbered so much in the last post.

A wonderful weekend experience about which I have already written here, let me just quickly share my experience with the newly launched car- Zest.

Around 50 bloggers from all over the country were invited to this exciting launch party of this car, which spread across a beautiful beach, an exotic resort and 3 wonderful hours of knowing the know-hows of this car and of course, networking.

These people definitely know how to always keep the element of surprise alive. Narain Karthikeyan suddenly turns up for the launch. And now, I had two reasons to look forward to the zestful driving experience lined up for the next day-
1. Its TATA Motors. Need I say more?
2. The man who defines speed comes up to tell you why this car is special.

Narain Karthikeyan at the launch.

When I signed up for this event, I was asked if I know driving. The only thing I could anticipate was a li’l drive around the rosy roads would sum it up. But I have never been more wrong. They have planned a well-managed drive of 24kms around the scenic beauty of this lovely place. That gave me the adrenaline rush.

The route map of the drive.

I got to know that one car is shared by 3 people, so that gives each person an 8 km drive. I, of course, wanted more.  And I had two non-drivers with me. I couldn’t have asked for more.

They had two variants of the car up for the drive. One was a manual petrol engine car. And the other was the Automated Manual Transmission. So that made my drive a good 48Kms. I can be a bit mean, right?

I am going to give a review of both the cars, from a Delhi-driver’s point of view. Don’t expect me to be way too technical. But let me first give me a li’l description of the claims made my Zest.

The Horizon-Next Model of Zest.

Petrol Variant
All set then, I first took the petrol engine car. I had two fellow bloggers as my mates to zoom around South Goa.

The first thing that I could recollect after taking on the driver’s seat was the mentioning of “the power of 3 engines in 1 – Revotron petrol engines”. I was all set to experience the power of this engine.
The roads were good enough to test a car. This car has three modes to drive – Eco, Sport and City. By default, the car is in the “city” mode. Now when I say that, what do I mean? So the power that is being dissipated during this mode is that you get the maximum efficiency of the fuel. The ride is too smooth.
I somehow managed to like the “sport” mode. Once you are on a freeway, say on the highways, you can actually feel the “power of three engines”. No really, you can. The car would just zoom.
I did not like the “eco” mode. Having said that, I don’t mean that this is one negative point of the car. I probably did not get the right city traffic to actually drive on this mode. Yes, Goa is that hassle-free for drivers.
Pros: This car will definitely have the first mover’s advantage since the multi-mode feature in this segment has not come yet.
Cons: Pick-up is a huge set back for this car when you are driving in the “sports” mode with the AC on.
Diesel Variant (AMT)
I was too paranoid to test drive this because it has been 7 years now that I am driving manually. And shifting to automated model just like that suddenly was not something I was looking forward to. But this car is too inviting.
Before leaving for the drive, we have briefed about two thumb rules. One, never to use your left feet. Second, to always press the brake pedal when shifting the gear from drive mode to neutral or to manual mode. And trust me, its that simple.
Pros: First, the first mover advantage is there in this variant as well. Second, power. It is amazing. No matter how much acceleration you give, it’s not going to let you down when driving on elevated roads. And yes, noiseless. This part might make you consider this as an option. By noiseless I mean very less or no noise as compared to the other diesel engine cars.
Cons: Not exactly a con, but I am really looking forward to the AMT in the petrol variant. This is because the pick-up problem persisted once I drove in the manual mode. But for city roads, this car is perfect.
Ending on a good note, TATA people are too friendly and helpful. They made the ride too amazing and user-friendly with various checkpoints and directions at every corner. They also gave us a good driver in every car. The driver that I had was too helpful and actually made one of the non drivers to drive the AMT – diesel variant. Now trust me, it is that simple.
The ever helpful driver bhaiya.

So, whatever they claimed, they fulfilled it. It has given the drive-next experience. It also gave the design-next experience. Pretty lovely design. That is all I can say about it. The fluidity of the design makes it really elegant in looks. Connect-next experience is something that is unbeatable when it comes to this segment. Although in a car, this particular feature doesn’t mean much to me, but yes, for people who want the best out of their interiors and the electronic system of the car, it this is pretty awesome.

I went with a mindset of not driving a diesel car. I drove it and loved every bit of it.

Thank you, Tata!

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