My Beautiful Food!

(This is a winning post in the #BeautifulFood Contest, Round 1, by Borosil in association with IndiBlogger)The best b’ days are unplanned. I too had an absolutely unplanned b’ day last week. My b’ day post is pending, but first things first. The food.

My significant other realized that this has to be a special day and we should go for quiet and fine dining. And suddenly, we are at the ITC Maurya, Delhi. We went to the most desirable restaurant there, the Bukhara. This is what followed.
I smell the beautiful aroma of garlic as I sit,
I have a mental picture, even before we order it.
I have heard so much about this dish,
Vegetarian yet more exotic than any sea-fish.
I had the traditional papad to appetize my appetite,
But it increased with time with the intensity of dynamite.
Finally, it was there,
And I left aside the world like I did not care.
Arrived in a deep bone china bowl,
It left my appetite beyond my control.
I decided to savour it first with my eyes,
and thus, I saw the steam rise.
With the steam rose the richness of the scent,
And I knew, it was worth every penny spent.
After a treat to my eyes and nose,
It had to reach my taste-buds, everyone knows.
With the soft naan, I took my first bite,
And it was a true delight!
The soft, creamy lentils melted in my mouth,
And for this one dish, I wanted to be uncouth.
The mellow yet fiery spicing took few moments and then materialized,
I wanted it to stay on my buds for a lifetime, I realized.
It was a sensation,
It was an experience beyond my imagination.
It was the Dal Bukhara!
You eat with your eyes before you eat with your mouth. This dish totally justified that fact. What could have been better?
I wish I could see the dal more closely.
I wish I could see the richness of the gravy floating till the bottom of the bowl.
I wish I could see the butter dripping down the inside wall of the bowl!
And this can be achieved by using crystal clear serving bowls by Borosil!
  1. Thanks Nima! I really enjoyed my b'day! 🙂

    And thank you for being so kind, this was a very poor attempt at poetry. I can not write poems. 🙁

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