Baba’s girl!

Probably the most cliched thing is to write about your ____________(fill in the appropriate person) on __________’s(fill in the same appropriate person) Day!

But when it is about someone as important as a father, nothing is and can be “cliched”.

This reminds me, that I have to write a more elaborated sequel to my #LoveYouMa post.

A father is that one person who is every girl’s first hero and the never-acknowledged prince charming. To me, my baba has pretty much been the same. If I start from the very beginning, I mean the days of which I can recollect the memories, I remember being carried by my baba everywhere as a kid. My mother would shop around, with my baba dealing with the two kids, following her.

He is the man who potty-trained me. He is the man who taught me how to ride a bicycle. He is the man who taught me how to drive a scooter and then a car. He is the man who taught me how to deal with the most difficult of the maths problems. He is the man who made me see beyond those maths problems and taught me to deal with real-life situations. He is the man who would put me to sleep singing lullabies. He is the man who would help me put on my shoes every morning. He has been the man who would give my free pick-and-drop every day to and fro school. He is the man who made me strong enough to stand for my moral rights. He is the man who taught me to love those people who have ever done any good to me.

When I look back, I realize how the tiniest of the things that baba taught me mean so much today. The value of family, relationships, duties, career and everything else under the sun, my father made me learn about them. I can never brag about the fact that life has taught me a lot or that the sweet-bitter experiences of life have made me what I am today. Even before life could do that, my baba was there, teaching me everything. I have seen the world through his eyes. He has always meant a lot to me. Probably I can never express,  but he is the person I love the most. There may come a man, who would be my prince charming, but he can never be even 1/10th of what my baba has been.

My baba has started getting old now. It takes a lot of time and patience to make him understand anything. He keeps on forgetting li’l stuff. But he still is a strong man. He keeps up with every healthy habit that one should. Getting up early in the morning, doing the daily yoga,  going for a run, eating healthy and sleeping on time- all these are a part of his daily schedule. And I still don’t learn. It sometimes becomes irritating to deal with his forgetful and over-caring nature, but I know that is the least I can do to ever pay him back for what he has done for me.

My baba has tried a lot to keep up with everything to fill the generation gap that we have and thus, it won’t cost me anything to NOW keep up with him to fill the same generation gap.

When people ask me about my extreme attachment to my home, I just don’t know how to justify these loving people and their presence in my life. I just have a few great and happy memories, around which I want my life to be centred. They are just too good to let go! That somehow should never imply that I am resistant to changes or dwell way too much on my past. I am just making hay while the sun is shining, imbibing the other great agricultural activities simultaneously!

I just want you to know baba that I love you.

And before I end this post, I want to share one favourite photo of mine, with my dad. I love the happiness and innocence of this picture. Appreciate that and then you are free to laugh at me!

And yes, Happy Father’s Day!


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