10 day YOU challenge. 3 songs.

Every single person on this earth, some time or the other, finds his/her solace in good music. Music is actually the best form of expression. No matter how sad or happy you are, you will always find a song to suit your mood. And today when I write about the 3 songs, I am sure they are actually going to reveal a lot about me. The kind of music you listen to, usually reveal a lot about you.

3. 2441139 by Anjan Dutta
I am a bong. And this Bengali song is bliss. This is about a guy who is breaking the news about his new job to his girlfriend over the phone. I absolutely love this song. It released back in 1991, but it manages to touch my soul with its magic even today.
2. Gulaabi Ankhein by Mohd. Rafi
I absolutely love this song! No matter how much I love this guy in my life, but if I ever find a guy who sings this song this beautifully, I will fall for him instantly. Now, that was an exaggeration, but you get it, right?
The passion of love is so visible, I mean audible in this song.
1. Every time by Lincoln Hawk
Now there are multiple reasons to love this song in particular. Firstly, it belongs to this one television series called Gossip Girl, which I totally loved. Secondly, this was picturized on one of the most handsome characters of the series. And lastly, the lyrics. They seem so apt every time I listen to this song
That is all I believe. They are indeed my all time favorite!
  1. @Mahimaa!
    Itte dino bad tera comment! <3

    I will send the songs right now. Also, I will visit your blog to see the counterpart of this post! 😛

  2. This post is so much better than the counterpart of it that I wrote years ago. I totally identify with all three choices of songs. And absolutely love all of them! <3

    Awesome post 😀

    P.S. You reminded me of Rufus and Everytime. And I don't have it. Whatsapp pe bhej de please 🙁

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