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(This is a runner-up post for the Experience Contest in association with IndiBlogger) While browsing through IndiBlogger, I recently came across this website, with a particularly new concept – Social Conversation Around Cars.So, I really want everyone to try this website out, This is a social networking website with a twist. Here you can […]

My Beautiful Food!

(This is a winning post in the #BeautifulFood Contest, Round 1, by Borosil in association with IndiBlogger) The best b’days are unplanned. I too had an absolutely unplanned b’day last week. My b’day post is pending, but first things first. The food.  My significant other realized that this has to be a special day and […]

Baba’s girl!

Probably the most cliched thing is to write about your ____________(fill in the appropriate person) on __________’s(fill in the same appropriate person) Day! But when it is about someone as important as a father, nothing is and can be “cliched”. This reminds me, that I have to write a more elaborated sequel to my #LoveYouMa […]