Disclaimer: I might digress from the main topic at times. Please forgive me for that. But since this is one of the most sensitive topics and I am too sensitive towards it, I might just keep on writing everything related to it.
As the hash-tagged titled suggests, this is another of the In(di)spire topics. The title description is as follows:
Crimes against women are on the rise with every passing day. What do you feel should be done?

The only answer that I can think of is Soch ko badlo. 

Yes, only the change in thinking and attitude. The one that we as a country have towards women, the same attitude. 

I have always been intrigued by the epics of India. Well, I have been more biased towards Mahabharat. This is because not everyone in this epic is God. So I will take the freedom of relating Mahabharat with our country’s situation. What is surprising about this great epic is that you can relate every era to it. Even the present day political situation of the country can be related to what happened, apparently, ages ago.
Draupadi, one of the legendary character of our mythology, has always been my subject of interest. I am otherwise also interested in Indian history and mythology. And as I dig deeper into our roots, I realize that disrespecting a woman and thinking her of the weaker sex have been the favourite activity of all the protagonist of every legend.

Draupadi was never a wanted child. Her father wanted a son because his other daughter Shikhandini was of no use to him. She could not win battles. He asked the Gods to gift him a son. But he had to accept a daughter too. He refused to accept her. He tried to send her back. He could not. And thus, Draupadi came into existence. Li’l did she know that she will always be looked upon as a strong lady with a weak fate. Isn’t this the same situation most of the girls in India always face? If they anyhow survive the female infanticide, they will always have a father who would not wish the best for her and would secretly wish that she would just disappear. Why?

Draupadi never saw the innocence of childhood and soon was objectified by her mother-in-law. She became the lady who had five husbands. All because she was bound by the senseless dharma of marrying a man from the same caste. Because marrying a man of a different caste brings disgrace to the family and the father. The same father who never wanted her anyway. This must have rung some bells here again, right?

But she married an alleged Brahmin guy, who took her to his paradisaical hut on foot. Unaware of even the name of that Brahmin guy, she accepted everything. Why?  She maintained her grace of being a daughter to a King, a princess and respect every decision of her father. And indeed respected every decision of her mother-in-law.

But for someone as strong as her, was it justified doing everything as she was told to? It seems it was. Because she was a woman. And apparently, that is what she is supposed to do in India.

And then she was subjected to the most humiliating instance in the epics. As if being objectified and polyandry was not enough, the Pandavas “lost” her in a game of dice to her brothers-in-law, who dragged her to the court by her tresses in a single piece of cloth. Humiliated in front of the whole court with her husbands looking on with their heads hanging in shame. Why? Because Draupadi’s brother-in-laws “won” her “rightfully”. No one then realized that under no circumstance it is “right” to humiliate a woman.

Have things changed now?

Sadly, no. Crimes against women start even before they are born. Being unwanted. Being killed before they can even smell the air. Yes, and this has been dating back from the time that has been ever recorded. And since our forefathers did it, we don’t think it is wrong. At all.

Objectifying women has also dated back to the same era. And that is why it is okay to call her an item girl, “hot” chick and what not It is crime again. Admit it.

Insulting women, be it the verbal abuses or rapes, are also a part of our culture, it seems. People who do it think that it is okay. Because it has been done so many times. People who witness that happening think it’s okay. Because it has been done so many times.

This is exactly what we have to do about the rising crimes against women. Change. Change our thinking. Just because no one ever did anything to stop the wrong in the epics, does not make it a right practice. Why can not we understand that if something wrong has been done, it should be rectified and not followed blindly?

Things are different today. Even if a woman proves herself she is still looked down upon. Yes, this attitude has to be changed.

We need to act soon. Disrespecting women has never ended pleasantly. (Kurukshetra war is the example I am trying to cite.)

If this effects even a single person, my job here is done.

  1. @Nima
    I am glad you liked it. I know it is difficult to change the outlook of the males, but I am still counting on how "hope" works.

    And the Nigerian incident is outrageous. x(

  2. Very well written and true. Why a person feel proud when he insults a woman jese koi jang jeetli ho. whenever a person harass a girl then why he never think that she is also someone's sister and daughter, why people judge a girl's character according to her dressing sense and if a girl is rapped then again reason may be her short dress and at last our corrupt politician said that bachon(the boy who rapped the girl) se galati ho gayi. aakhir kab soch badlegi, agar ese hi chalta raha to vo din dur nahi jab pasa esa paltega( vo kehte haina jab koi cheez excess me ho jati hai to end confirmed hota hai and bahut bura hota hai) or vahi politicians ye kahenge, bachi(the girl who punish that boy in a more harass manner) se galati ho gayi..
    par iske liye girl should be bold or use himmat jutani hogi so that rape karna to dur koi abuse words use karne se pehle bhi 100 bar soche, is dar se ke uske consequences kya ho sakta hai.
    So my suggestion to all girls is, always carry paper spray with you, speed dial me police ka number rakhe and the most important is abla nari ki tarah dare nahi kisi bhi situation me, usko bravely and confidently face karen. Jab hum kamzor nahi padenge tabhi soch badlegi or desh badlega..

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