10 day YOU challenge. 5 foods.

I live to eat. Even though I don’t eat anything, but I try to eat everything that I want to. I might not be a foodie to share the food that you order, but I will be that foodie who would go and explore with you all the places which offer the most scrumptious platter.Here goes the list of 5 food that I enjoy eating.

5. Pizza
I love pizza. I love the thin wheat crust pizza even more. I love thin wheat crust pizza. I admire them. I just absolutely love them.

4. Pao Bhaji
I have already mentioned my love for this one thing in particular. I can eat it every day and still not get bored.

3. Gol Gappe
So in love with them. The ones with the meetha – pani. 

2. Prawns. Golden Fried Prawns.
I am a hardcore non-vegetarian. I love chicken. I love sea food even more. I love prawns, especially when my mom cooks them.

1. Mom-made khana
I love anything that my mom cooks. I won’t claim she is the best cook in this world (actually that is my dida or granny), but whatever she cooks has that particular taste of love that I like. Be her standard fish-curry or the green vegetables that she forces me to eat or something that she cooks after watching various cooking shows, everything is just so amazing.

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