10 day YOU Challenge. 4 books.

I love reading. Even more than I love writing. When I was a kid, I would read everything – Good old Diamond Comics, the newspaper, the school almanac, the shampoo bottles – well the list is endless. Then I realized that there are better things to read and that was when I came across Nancy Drew and The Secret Seven and loads of other series like that. Goosebumps happened to be my favorite. And then as I grew up, I read and read. Though it is very difficult to narrow down the list of my favorites to four, but I have tried my best to do that!

4. The Digital Fortress by Dan Brown.
I am a Dan Brown fan. No matter how boring The Lost Symbol was (I haven’t read the Inferno yet) or no matter how much hyped his other books are, but I am just a huge fan. I loved the Digital Fortress because I don’t know. I think I connected with it better than any other of his masterpieces. God, I feel geeky!

3. The Harry Potter Series.
Even though I started reading it during the 11th summer of my life, I am pretty sure that I would have loved it equally if I would have started reading it now. And all the Potterheads, I am sure that we learnt about friends, love, trust and betrayal because of J.K.Rowling.

But the one thing that is to be noted is that I am just a Harry Potter fan, not a J.K Rowling fan. I did not like The Casual Vacancy at all. “A novel for adults” doesn’t mean the inclusion of the f-word in every sentence and loads of sex in every chapter. No, it does not.

2. The Merchant of Venice
I just love Shakespeare. In fact, I love every classic. But this one is my favourite. A perfect comical drama. Why don’t we get these stuff now?

1. Alice in Wonderland
I am not sure if this “the” favourite or not, but this happens to be my first novel ever. So the emotional attachment to it makes it eligible for this list.

I also love reading Tinkle. I read it all the time, that is whenever I get time. I don’t know if it really qualifies as a book.

  1. Hi Gaurab!
    Its such a pleasure to finally have you visit my blog! 😀

    I totally agree with you! Even though the reading habits and styles have changed now, somehow the Raj comics and Diamond comics remain unbeatable! 😉

  2. I feel if you are a reader then the world is actually a wonderland. There is so much quality stuff available for free. I used to read "Raj" comics a lot, newspapers are my life but these days I love reading blogs. There is so much great content available that one need a have extra hours in a day to read them. 🙂 Nice post 🙂

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