At times, In(di)spire comes up with just the right topic. The 13th Edition of this project is as follows : “Post a picture of your mom from her younger days and write a brief personal note to her. It could be anything that you wish to say.. don’t worry about things like length, grammar, etc. […]


Yes again! This is another of the In(di)spire topics! I am so glad to see such interesting topics to write about. Writer’s unblock, truly. The topic description goes like this: Have you ever written a diary? How do you feel about it now? Do you ever read it? What is your relationship with your diary? […]


Disclaimer: I might digress from the main topic at times. Please forgive me for that. But since this is one of the most sensitive topics and I am too sensitive towards it, I might just keep on writing everything related to it. As the hash-tagged titled suggests, this is another of the In(di)spire topics. The […]