I love Twitter. And that is why this Twitter-inspired title. I usually find hash-tags too wannabe. Now that is also very subjective. When you look at wannabe people on your Facebook posting images with #every #word #with #a #hash-tag, you tend to relate hash-tags with those crazy people.
Anyhow, why such a post today? Firstly, I thank IndiBlogger to come up with such a great idea called In(di)spire. I mean I couldn’t think of a better idea to get rid of the writer’s block we all come across, some time or the other. When I read about this In(di)spire project, I was so pumped up that I decided that I won’t wait for the highest voted idea and would blog about anything that pleases my eyes. But then again, I should always consider the intensity of laziness that I possess. So here I am writing about the 6th topic on In(di)spired. I have already missed five and I should feel bad. To feel good, I make sure that I vote for my favourite topics. At the same time, I realize how less creative I am when I can not think of any good idea myself. *sigh*
So what is this post all about? The title description says: What does your name mean to you? Do you like it or hate it? Why? #WhatsInAName.
I have blogged four years under the name “Rose”. That might give the impression that I probably don’t like my name. Fortunately, that is not the case. I used the name because I wanted anonymity. But it took me four years to realize that I don’t like anonymity. I have an identity and I shall enjoy it – with my name.
My name is Sushmita. I love my name. A typically bong-name it is. Sushmita Sen made it so popular that it is no longer a bong-name now. I was happy to have a name which was less popular when I was in school. I then realized it is not-so-less-popular. But I am glad I haven’t really met anyone else with the same name. What does that tell about me? Does it say that  I always want to stand out in the crowd? I really don’t know what it tells about me, but I can definitely tell you what I meant by that. I am very possessive about my name because I love it way too much. 
How did I get this name? When I was born, like every other Indian family, my parents went to the regular pandits to get the alphabet with which my name should start. I got a “D”. My horoscope said that my name should be Deepa Rani Dasi (now that is one secret!). My parents started to look for every possible name starting with “D”. My sister, then hardly 8 years old, came to my rescue. She was named Sumita and thus wanted her sister to be named something really similar to her. And thus my dear friends, we arrive at my present name.
My name, as I said, is a part of my identity to me. But I wonder if I would have been a different person if I was named something else? I believe I would have been the same chirpy, a li’l dumb and a li’l crazy me even if I would have been named Deepa or anything else for that matter. Being named Sushmita has affected me positively though, Not exactly that, but yes knowing the meaning of the name has. The day I came to know the meaning of my name, I started smiling a lot more. Sushmita means a person with a beautiful smile. It somehow gave me confidence that I have a beautiful smile and I started smiling a lot! I was 9 at that time. Sushmita also means a person who is loved by all. Since then, I have always tried to be the girl who must be loved by all. I have always tried my best not to be the reason for anyone’s sorrow or to be at the receiving end of someone’s hatred. 
I love it when people call me Sushmita. I hate it when they call me Sush. I don’t like that name. Life is really simple when you don’t have a nick name. Just one pretty name. 
And that, my friends,  is in a name! 
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