Now, this post title is not for the love for Twitter. I have decided that all the post that I write for the In(di)spire will be titled with a hash-tag. My blog, my decisions.The 7th Edition of this project has the title description as 10 questions you hate being asked. #10Questions

This is exactly the kind of post I would love to write about. There are few questions that people ask you and they then make you think that every human being should come with a user manual as well as an FAQ document. 

10 is a huge number to write about because there are just 4-5 questions that can make it to my FAQ document. Those 4-5 questions are the ones that have made me sick and tired of answering but people refrain from asking them. That is the story of everyone’s life I guess. I will give this a try.

1. When are you getting married?
When you are in the 23rd year of your life, almost completed your studies and have a significant other for almost a decade, people tend to ask you this question. And surprisingly, this is the first question they ask when they meet you or catch up with you after a long time. This question comes even before the obligatory “How are you/How have you been?” conversation. I have no answer to this question, honestly.

2. Do you have a boyfriend/ Are you dating someone?
Now this one is a special one asked by the people I have newly met or the elders of the family who want me to get hitched as soon as possible. Also asked by the people who would be interested in hitting on me. I am really not comfortable about discussing this. I fail to understand why, though.

3. Kitna padhegi?
I haven’t even completed my masters yet. But people love this question because according to them I am always surrounded by the exams. It is a fact. But still, I hate this question because I don’t know the answer to this one.

4. Why are you so confused/ Why are you so indecisive?
This question is asked by the people who are close to me or know me a lot. I know I have problems in deciding what to eat, what to buy, what to study and specialize into(as I already mentioned sometimes back that I have a vast exposure to almost everything in this world from biology to electronics engineering to business economics), where to go and what to do in life, but that really doesn’t mean I am confused. It means that I am just trying to experience everything or want to have everything before I complete my tenure on this planet. I am not even sure if that made sense, but that is how it is.

5. Why do you always have to carry a bag?
Because I have one. And I have realized that I can not really live without one. It doesn’t matter where I am going – be it a college, a gathering or a date- I will always have this bag of mine which will always have a book that I am currently reading, my laptop, loads of fruits to eat, a huge water bottle, few basic stuff to survive and few more basic stuff to survive. 

6. Tell me about yourself.
This one question which is asked in every job interview. I just go blank when someone asks me this. I find this the silliest of the lot. I mean, what about myself?

7. How come you have gained weight?
You don’t tell a girl that she is fat if she is becoming that. End of Discussion.

That is it. No more questions come to my mind right now. These questions are just annoying to me, that doesn’t mean you can not ask them! 

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