10 day YOU challenge. 7 wants.

I can never fight my laid back attitude, can I? Although I see no point blaming my carelessness this time completely, I have learnt the hard way that giving the excuse of being “busy” is the most insensitive thing on the face of this planet.Anyhow, let me resume the long lost challenge.

I have always maintained that it is only human to want more. And this particular post is exactly the reason why I took this challenge. This post will serve the purpose of evaluating myself when I sit and read my blog after five years.

7 wants, when I read this for the first time, I got confused if I have to be materialistic in writing this? Then I realized this is no entry for some beauty pageant. I can write anything that I want, right?

7. Love
I can be a love-sick puppy at times. Also, it is a universal fact that a human can not survive without this one particular emotion.

6. Annual Vacation(s)
I still haven’t started earning. But yes, one thing that I have promised to myself that I will go on annual vacation(s), with my family. I have to do this. This is what I want. like- WANT.

5. A stable Growth
As I said I still haven’t started earning, so that is why I have many aspirations from that state of life – naukripesha. But for one, by growth, I meant a stable growth towards being a better human being. I loved the Sushmita I was in 2012. I loved her more in 2013. And now, I love her even more. Yes, that growth exactly.

4. A Gaming and Book Library
When I say gaming, I mean gaming. I have loved playing games. Be it the good ol’ Street Fighter or the Counter-Strike, Max Payne and NFS, I loved them all. I never played games out of addiction, I played them to unwind. I remember when I was a kid, I used to take out 1 hour each day to play computer games. *sigh*
However, I have been addicted to reading. I love reading books and I love collecting them too. This is what I want in my dream home. Maybe.

3. A Walk-In Closet
I will not be wrong if I say this is actually almost every girl’s dream. WANT. Whenever I go shopping for clothes, I make sure I buy at least one pair of footwear. I make sure that I do that when I go out to eat as well. Or just hanging out with friends for that matter. I have enormous (yes, that is the word) collection of footwear. Not to mention dresses and clothes, but my footwear has somehow managed to out-number my clothing. Oh, God! The mention of my dresses reminded me that I WANT to get fit and lose weight too. Now that is a tough task.

2. Pride of being a Delhiite-Always!
I just love this city. I somehow know that I will not be able to live anywhere else but Delhi. No matter how much I crib about the traffic and the drivers here, how much I crib about the hospitality, the dishonesty, the lack of respect for women, but I know, deep down, I am happy to be a part of this

1. Happy Parents
I love my parents. And I always want them to be happy! Or at times, I think- If I can not be the reason for their happiness, at least I shouldn’t be the reason for their sadness.

That’s about it. I hope I return back soon with the 4th post in this series.

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