Because I love making resolutions!

Another year has gone, another set of partially fulfilled resolution. Another year and another set of resolution to achieve a more meaningful and next to a perfect life.

Keeping faith in my oldest belief, the exact reason why I am writing a blog post immediately after the clock beeped with the 0000 hrs alarm is that I really want to write every day in the year 2014.

I was going through the last year’s resolutions and I am so glad I kept almost all of them. I did not resume playing my guitar. And that is the only broken resolution.

The year 2013 made me feel blessed. A more understanding family, new friends, valuable old friends, an extremely thoughtful and caring other half and a less screwed up academic life. I couldn’t have asked for more. I wish the same for the year 2014. I have realized that the key to a happy life is to feel blessed for all that you have. It helps. Always.

Coming to this year’s resolutions, I chose to have another achievable set.

1. I will be a li’l less spend-thrift.

2. I will be a li’l bit more into studies and roam less. That includes eating out less.

3. No alcohol for me. No, seriously. None at all.

4. I have to become fit. That includes working out when I can and eating better and healthy.

5. I will try to be less materialistic. Though this one is really subjective, still.

6. Valuing relationships, like always, I will do that this year as well. This somewhat implies that I have to set my priorities. Oh yes, I can do that.

7. The guitar. Yes, the guitar.

8. I will write one meaningful short story. I really want to write one.

9. I will maintain a diary like I used to.

10. I will cook. I really need to start cooking now.

And lastly, I will maintain another diary to keep a check on certain things so that I get to know if I have been following my resolutions’ list.

And with this, I sign off for today. A very happy new year to everyone.

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