2013 – The year it was!

Unlike last year, and of course, many other posts, I won’t start with my regular cribbing. For once, I am not in that mood. Why? Because I don’t know. When I sit back to look out for the reasons for this “why”, I come up with many answers. I might have become too tired to crib anymore. Or, I might have become way too ignorant to actually pay heed to the things pushing me to crib. Or, I might be eternally happy instead of being eternally sad, for a change.

The answer is perhaps a smart amalgamation of all the possible reasons which I just stated above.

When I started writing this post, I just gave a quick glance to my post with a similar title, which I wrote last year. Naturally, I started drawing similarities and dissimilarities. And I realized how much things have changed. Or rather, how much I have changed – changed towards people and life.

2013 turned out to be a year full of surprises and shocks. I always wanted a new set of people in my life so that I can “finally” live peacefully. I got that. And yes, I am peaceful. Because this one event of having a make-over of my social circle made me realize one old lesson – You don’t learn the importance of what you have unless you lose it. I now know what my old set of peeps are to me.

I also realized how important my family is to me. Not that I never knew it. I always did. But I always cribbed about it as well. Now I don’t. Keeping my family above everything, centring all my activities and decisions around them, has become my priority in life. As of now, doing this has not yet tried holding me back. Or maybe, I am too naive(or am I?) to see it as a hindrance.

A few series of events also made me see that I have all the reasons to be happy and content and feel complete. And I am thankful for that. Also, the attainment of this feeling requires the least of any effort. It’s just about lowering your expectations from life, taking things as they come and keeping yourself above everyone and everything else.

Professionally, I am glad that I got through a postgraduate program which is finally making me a jack of all trades. I mean starting from biology to electronics engineering to business economics now. I challenge you that you bring me, someone, as diversified as I am. But yes, here I have met many smart people staying or not staying with them will make me a smarter person. (sic)

So technically, this year was good and a learning experience, like every other year. I wish that the year 2014 be a more eventful and happier year for me and the people I care for and of course, for the people who desperately need happiness and good luck.

While writing this, I realized how transient life is. And that somehow made me remember about one 10 days you challenge that was once taken up by Mahima on her blog. Now, I think is the right time for me to take this challenge. Right because now I am in that learning-from-lessons-of-life phase. I have witnessed things changing. I would love to read these 10 posts after 5 years. I would love to know how much I have changed.

But yes, as of now, I am giving myself away to everyone who reads my blog. These 10 posts will reveal almost everything that I am today, that I have been till today.

I hope you enjoy reading. 🙂


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