10 day YOU challenge. 9 loves.

For a hopeless romantic like me, LOVE is a strong word. And thus, love is very easy to give and receive for me.  Describing or even enumerating the 9 loves of my life is not going to be tough task. I hope!

9. Reading
I love reading. I have been reading since like forever. For any average Indian, if he/she says he/she is a voracious reader, it means that his/her “variety” consists of Harry Potters, Chetan Bhagat and may be the Shiva Trilogy. I am not that kind of a reader though. And I am too glad to boast about that. Books are one aspect on my life, about which I just hate, yes HATE to listen to any rubbish. From the classics to the modern day fictions to respectable Indian authors to comics to newspaper, I just love reading.

8. Music
I can write a separate post on this particular love of my life. So, I will just mention this. I love music, in any form.

7. Eating Out
I was about to write food, but then I realized that its not just the food which I love. I love eating out. Good company and good food, yes, they makes my day. I love going to various places, exploring the food they offer there but yes, not alone. Even if its a simple salad, if its a new place and with people whom I admire, it would be enough for me.

6. Pao Bhaji
This is my one big time love. I can eat pao bhaji anywhere. I can never hate pao bhaji. It would take a lot of efforts for anyone to cook a pao bhaji that would earn my dislike.

5. Driving
I just love driving. It doesn’t matter with whom I am travelling as long as I am behind the wheels, I am good to go. I love my car too. She has been the perfect companion. Why is she a she? Because – my car, Imysay.

4. Wolverine
Okay, so this love signifies the violent side of me. Wouldn’t it be great to cut right into the gut of that annoying person who can literally and figuratively eat your brains out? Or maybe just scaring away that person with the blades. *sigh* Sometimes, though, I am confused that if this love is for the wolverine or for Hugh Jackman. That man! I love that man.

3. Dresses
I love shopping for dresses and ballerina flats! I don’t know why, but I do. Whenever I go shopping, I will buy at least one dress, irrespective of the fact if I need one or not. I have a dress in every colour now. I have not worn any of them yet because let us face it, you can’t walk around in college in dresses. But still, I know my madness for dresses will continue.

2. Delhi
I am a bong, born and brought up Delhi. I did my schooling here. I became an engineer here. And I will hopefully complete my post graduation here. I have never left Delhi for more than 5 days. I can not leave this city. Even now when people tell me that don’t keep your location as a constraint for a good job, I just pretend I did not hear that. There are so many things to hate about this city. People would crib about every second thing in Delhi, but I can never hate this city.

1. People
No, not random people. I love my family and I love my friends. I have a huge family and a li’l group of people whom I love and would never want to lose. They have been there through my thick and thin and I really treasure them. But yes, there are only two levels on my likeness scale. I either love you or hate you. So, if I am really taking efforts to stay in touch with you, you are one of my precious.

Now that I completed this post, I realized that this was such a girly post. For once, I don’t mind having it on my blog.

  1. I too feel the exact same way about people who read.. 🙂 I too just looovvee reading.. Eating out and music are my favorite too.. 🙂
    Keep writing.. 🙂

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