Hypocrisy is Our Surname!

The title is kind of inspired by the title song of the only watchable show in the history of Indian television, Sarabhai Vs. Sarabhai. Though it doesn’t quote this directly, I prefer mentioning the credits first. You see, in a society like ours, you never know when a person would sue you. 

The Merriam- Webster defines hypocrisy as ” a feigning to be what one is not or to believe what one does not”.  Though I know that this is the basic human nature, as I live in Indian society, I will speak for it only. Somewhere deep down my heart I know that there exists a variety of the human species living sans hypocrisy in their blood. 

A beautiful illustration to describe hypocrisy.

We all have witnessed this form of human behaviour at some point in our lives. We have been on both sides of the table. Yes, I don’t deny that I’m also a hypocrite. Sometimes it is intentional and sometimes I might just be dumb and don’t realize how hypocritical I am sounding.

The first perfect example of hypocrisy is the one that dwells around us. All the time. When it comes to matrimonial alliances, the hypocrisy in the blood of any typical Indian family would reach its peak. No matter how fat, ugly, dark and rude the groom-to-be is, he and his family will always be looking for a ” sweet, homely, fair and slim” bride.  This doesn’t sound that outrageous, does it? When my parents were looking for a suitor for my sister, we came across this advertisement in the community matrimonial newsletter. It cracked me up as well as irritated me to the core. A “handsome, well educated” 35-year old two times divorced male was looking for a bride “not more than 28 years in age, should not be married before”. Not just this, he (or his family may be) went up to the extent of actually mentioning that they want the bride to be a “virgin”. I mean, really? This is one of those instances when you are left just speechless. 

I’m not a sexist, so yes I will also pause to mention when we, the community of the fairer sex, show the existence of hypocrisy in our mindsets. I don’t think this one needs a mention, but just to avoid the male chauvinists to mention the obvious just to get back at me, out of obligation I am writing that yes girls talk about gender equality but still they want the female- special privileges. Blah-blah. 

I have been blessed with friends, who are never shy to admit that they are big time hypocrite. They use unfair means to get things that they probably want, desperately. Oh wait, did I say “unfair”? I did not mean unfair, I meant the ways which are not really conventional. I hope that conveys what I want to say. But if someone else does the same, suddenly he/she, mostly she, is the object of hatred. Being a product of an all-girls engineering college in Delhi, I can say this with full conviction that it happens, all the time. Mind you, it might seem to you that it is pure jealousy, the kind that exists whenever there are two or more girls, at first sight. But when you observe the whole situation closely, you will realize that jealousy is just the by-product of the inherent hypocrisy.

Moving on to the bigger picture, together as a nation we are a big hypocritical society. For example, the sudden changes in the education system are too confusing. All the time the Education Ministry and everyone else is complaining about the brain drain that is happening. And what is the solution to it? Introduce 4 years of graduation so that kids can get admission to the best universities of the “world” because they recognize a 4-year degree course. Instead of actually providing higher level quality education here, just make the student force ready to leave the nation. And then let us complain about the brain – drain. 

One of the few things again, over which I can probably go on and on. But I think I should stop. I need to save my frustration for the next blog post full of a different level of ranting. 


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