Driving in Delhi. Part 2.

Trust me, I had no intentions of writing a sequel to “Driving in Delhi. Part 1.” for quite some time now. But when I wrote that post almost a year ago, I knew something revolutionary will happen again in my driving life, and I’ll be forced to write again to vent out. What a “seer” I’m!

It’s not that I haven’t come across any frustrating incident on road in this one year, but I was waiting for the right time. I was waiting for my frustration level to reach its peak. So here I am, blabbering something really sensible this time.
Let me start by describing the few qualities of Delhi driver. Though I’m very sure that these traits are common to the moronic drivers of every city.
1. No brains, thus no indicators.
The lack of use of indicator around you indicates a driver is a stupid person. Trust me, people here are so much fascinated by the turns of the roads that out of excitement they just fail to pull that switch below the steering wheel. Abey, indicator dene me kya bijli tere ghar se jati hai jo bill zada ane ka dar hai? I mean come on, you need to tell your fellow drivers that you intend to change your route and that they have to be cautious. People would just drive at the fastest speed they can and take a turn, at the same speed. What happens then? The turner would go ahead at his own pace of pleasure and the cars behind that can experience a chain of collision. I really hate these people. And I love those people who would indicate even while changing their lanes. Discipline on roads is the best kind of discipline.
2. No driving sense, no parking Sense – Makes sense.
I run short of words when I have to comment on the driving sense of the people here. Parking sense seems an easy target. Let me keep it simple.
  • You don’t park your car at the turns. No, never. I don’t expect you to think about the inconvenience caused to other people because of you, but maybe for the love of your own vehicle..*sigh*
  • You do not park opposite to the cut meant for U-turns. You will find these cuts to help you go back if you have come the wrong way. Why ruin it for other people by parking just opposite to these cuts?
  • And I can not stop myself from asking this. After parking when you get down of your car, do you really look at your vehicle? It covers half of the road sometimes or may be it is aligned in such a manner that no one else can move. Do make it a point, please, the next time you park.
  • I live at a corner flat in a typical housing society of a metropolitan city. And this housing society has enough parking space for both the residents and the visitors. YET, every now and then people would just come and park their vehicle just in front of my house gate, blocking and clogging the whole entrance of my lane. I mean really, there is no sensibility left in people nowadays, is it?
3. Car = Speed, no T&C.
Turns are meant to help you take the turns. They are also meant to slow you down. The narrow lanes in the roads of Delhi are meant for I don’t know what, but one is supposed to drive there, slowly. No one is assessing your driver skills there. Also, parking lots are no racing tracks.

4. Smartphones for over-smart people.
No, you do not talk on the phone while driving. And NO. You do not text while driving at all! People might think that they are smart enough to do that, but it’s false. It reduces the reaction time.

5. Everyone is a born musician. A car horn is the best instrument.
I have no idea why people honk their car horns at a red light. Make music at your place, the road is not the best place to do it. At the turn, you are supposed to blow the horn. But that is the time when suddenly everyone is concerned about noise pollution. I’m sure that can happen only in Delhi!

If you learned driving say 10 years back, you are lucky. Learning to drive today is not possible on Delhi roads.

  1. I just wrote the Idiots guide to driving in India! I came across your post on Indivine – quite well articulated – enjoyed reading it.

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