Resolution to resolute!

And I return again. That too this soon! I realized to regain my previous readership, I need to write more frequently, even if it requires me to write everyday.

Firstly, a very happy new year to all of you! This is my first post of the new year and this is about my resolutions. Yes, I am not really keen on showing myself as “different” and writing about absurdly weird topic.

After a lot of introspection, as you must have read in the last post, I arrived at few very practical resolutions for myself again this year.

Indeed I’m perfect, but there are certain things that I have to do to make my life perfect.

1. Since the last year has been such an *amazing* learning experience for me, I resolute not to forget whatever it has taught me throughout this year and throughout my life. Heavy words they might seem, but as I said, this year my resolutions are comparatively more practical.

2. I have decided to write more often now. Be a proactive writer. Initially I was thinking of giving it a number, like a post a day or may be 5 posts a week, but then I realized I’m putting a bait for myself to break the resolution.

3. Be more wise and think twice before getting into any kind of situation in life.

4. I have to convince myself after every failure that I see, I need to move on. No matter what, even if I plan to hold on to it, linger on, I will not involve a second person in my bout of insanity. I become really irrational and impossible during that period.

5. I don’t have to bitch about anyone, no matter how much pissed I am.

6. All my collections have to see a meaningful increase in their number.

7. I will be the early-to-bed-early-rise-kind of person. The more I stay up late, the more I think and talk crap. Seriously, I do.

8. Keep an account of all my expenditures from now on. I have literally screwed up my bank account in the past one year.

9. I do not have to please everyone around me. I’m done doing that and hurting a lot more people than I know.

10. I don’t have to get into unnecessary and illogical arguments.

11. I have to resume playing my guitar. Even though this is last on the list as of now, but this is as important.

That is all I wish to write today. Again, signing off with a hope to see a better year ahead.

PS: As I mentioned I’m very superstitious regarding the first day of the year. Since, I spent the whole day at home, doing nothing just studying and considering the present jobless state of mine, I am scared I might have to spend the next year sitting at home. No, I don’t want to think that way. Let us be positive.

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