Annoying People. Part 1.

I feel sad when you do not read my blog. Y U NO read my blog?

Anyhow, keeping up with my promise to myself, I come here again. I have been planning to write about the annoying people who surround me all the time. Annoying may be a harsh word, but I can not really think of some other word for them. These might be the people who you hate from the heart of your bottom, or maybe the people who you love from the bottom of your heart but possess that one (or few) quality that annoys you. A lot. Therefore, the “part 1” part in the title. I can blurt out all my frustration about each one of that quality at length. Aaah, what peace!

All right, so what should we be talking about today?  The life-guides? Yes. Life guides.

These are the people who claim that they have seen a lot of things in life. AND they have braved everything to be what they are today. Hello? Who has not? If a person is standing in front of you today, breathing, trust me he/she has faced and overcome every difficulty in life. You never know how much they are still struggling.

People who belong to this category are the know-it-alls. And yes they are the people who share posts, memes and reddits which might read things like – “I give the best of advice but never follow them myself” or “Giving people advice to have a better life but have a screwed up life myself”. Yes, your self-proclaimed “best” advice. Trust me, if someone is coming to you just to have a heart-to-heart conversation, give them an ear to listen. Unless they ask for your expert advice, do not assume and start preaching. Are you telling me that the person who is in distress is a noob and has not seen life at all? He/she has not experienced anything in life? Sometimes, your point of view might help, but do not assume that it will, always.

Now when I call them the know-it-alls, by that I mean that they have this inner desire of comparing everyone’s situation with theirs. And then ultimately pointing out to the sufferer that this suffering is “nothing”. Everyone’s problem is big for them. Problems are never relative, they are ALWAYS absolute.

The most annoying situation is when these people just generalize everything and start talking about how life is what you make it and how everything ends up being perfect for you. Trust me, when you are going through various stuff in life, these things really do not matter. Don’t you think any person is sane enough to actually work towards making his/her life “livable” rather than making it miserable? I mean, come on, what sense does it make to tell an already miserable person, who has failed after putting in a lot of efforts, that life is what you make it. Yeah, I have been working really hard to fail, trust me! Tell me to jump off a bridge next time. It will sound more honest than generalization.

Of course, when you start blurting out about your worries and depression to a person, in the heat of the moment you are not able to judge if that person is going to be a listener or an annoying preacher. So is there any way that they can be identified? Only experience. This means that be a depressed soul all your life, try to talk and annoy everyone in your life and make a checklist. So yes, I kind of called the ever-depressed people annoying too. On a serious note, if you have a person in life, who has always claimed to be an experienced brat and too mature for their age (and you know how immature they are), then they are the people whom you should not approach to annoy with your sad stories.

I have been a very sad person all my life, and I’m so glad that I’m surrounded by people who are the best listeners and non-voluntary advisers. These people understand that the need of the moment is not preaching or condescension in any form, but to be a friend who is sane enough to be called a friend in need. And this post is only 50 per cent personal experience and 50 per cent of what I see around me. I’m clever enough to annoy the right person during my sad times.

  1. Rose plz jump of the bridge!!..:P:P i m glad i m one of the few persons who have had the opportunity of watching u struggle thru ur lyf and learn many imp lessons myself! Giving u an advice about life is lyk teaching tendulkar "how to bat!"..:O:D i have had the opportunity to give a few points about life to u and i have wondered the same wonder that any1 would after seeing tendulkar in a net practice!!.:P i am sounding a lot "crickety"(maybe bcz india won today..:D),but u have got this "addiction" towards working hard,giving a 100% everytym, no matter how microscopic the result myt b,nvr underestimating any task and am sure one day u will get a reward dat no1 could ever achieve!!!..:)(i think u already have 1..:DXD)..Best of luck to u!!..:D

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