2012-The year it was.

I have no idea why am I writing today, almost after 4 months. I’m sure all of you thought that probably I’m not going to write here anymore. Trust me, even I thought so. But then I decided to write. You know that feeling of one-year ending and the other starting. The same feeling, which makes you introspect like anything, for almost all the time that you have in life, forced me to write today.

The secondary reason for not writing was – it had been so long that I logged into blogger that I forgot my login credentials. I also forgot the login credentials of my email address given here. And I also forgot the login credentials of the email address given to retrieve this email address because I don’t use it anymore. *sigh*

How should I start now? Let me start by boring you with my cribbing about this year. What? My space, my say!

If I look back, this year, in particular, was a disaster for me. Yes, it was. At the professional front, I did not see many good things coming my way. And when I say this, I DO NOT mean that I was sitting at home waiting for them to come to me. Its just that, sometimes you are forced to believe that things are not meant to be at this particular point of time. Some people do say may be the hard work you put in was not the right direction, I will come back to this point later. Professionally, this year was a year of hopes for me. I hoped for things to be better for me during the durga puja time. I hoped that the things will be in my favour during deepawali. Nothing really happened. But yet again, I have this strong belief that the next year might bring something good for me.

At the personal front, my life had been a mixed bag for this particular year. Things went wrong with people I really care about. Misunderstandings happened with my best friend. I know now maybe things are moving in the right direction, but I wish I was sure of it. Then there was a lot of unusual stuff that happened in my family. When I say unusual, I really mean that things which are beyond imagination for an ordinary person. But yes, things went particularly good with other important people in my life. And I met really nice people too.

I do not want to comment on the social aspect of my life this year. This is because the only thing that might come to me at this point is the rotten society in which we are living today. Inhuman, brutal and ruthless. No, I don’t want to start on it.

When I wonder about the futility of this year, then somehow I convince myself that maybe it was not that futile. I learnt a lot. I learnt that how much important time is a factor to determine everything in one’s life. The phrase-“right/wrong place, right/wrong time” seems so meaningful and apt today. I also learnt that putting hard work is all that matters. Weighing, analyzing and then putting your efforts is just not the right way. I’m still young and this is how I will learn. I, for a matter of fact, no one comes with an user-manual that tells them what is right and what is wrong. I have always believed, every decision is the right decision at the time when it is taken. I learnt that no plan ever works. Long term plans are just hokum. Never plan long term, but yes always be sure about the immediate step. I have learnt to be more patient and I know for some reasons, I have evolved as a better human being. I have learnt to live with this wonderful fact of life that if someone loves you, he/she is there when you need them, irrespective of the fact that how many hours or minutes they talk to you in a day, or a matter of fact how many days in a month they decide to say “hello” to you. My belief in living a fairy-tale life has only strengthened. I know that fairy tales exist. They do. And I’m happy about it. I also learnt, this one from the most influential person of my life, that there are two things in life-one that you want and one that you need. If you are not getting what you want, try for the things that you need.

In the end, all I want to say is I’m welcoming the year 2013. I’m not very excited about it, but yes, as compared to the year 2012, I am being hopeful. So yes, relativity counts here. The world did not end in 2012, so another reason to look forward to 2013. And after the year 1987, 2013 is the first year to have four different digits.

A very happy new year to all!

  1. Oh good. A post from the Rose. (AT LONG LAST!)

    Hope 2013 shines bright on your life 🙂 Happy New Year to you too, li'l posie 😀

    P.S: Yeh once in 4 months posting nahi chalega. Too slow. Too low. Post twice or thrice a month atleast.

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