Happy Half-birthday- A dedication.

This post is dedicated to the most special person in my life to date. She introduced me to this concept of “half-birthday”. I never got a chance to celebrate anyone’s half-birthday. Then I thought why not start with her.

According to wiki, a half-birthday is a day approximately six months before or after the real anniversary of a person’s birth.
15th May 2012 marks her half birthday, exactly 183 days after and before her birthday-14th November. I have gazillion things to write about her, but before that :
  • Trust me, I had a wonderful plan for this day in my mind, but never actually imagined that this time would be clouded by the end semester exams.
  • I wanted to make this special to you, and this is the best way I could. I know you’ll love it. I just know it. And therefore, you have to. *:P*
Not that we don’t celebrate our birthdays together, but I never got a chance to dedicate anything to her or to write anything exclusively for her. Before her birthday, its all about the planning and thus the lack of time, and after her birthday, I don’t see any point dedicating something. So even if it’s your half birthday, it’s YOUR day.
I will not start from my melancholic story of not having a true friend in my life. Friends have been a part of my life in every phase. I have been surrounded by some very beautiful people all the time. But no one has ever known me, loved me and lived with me like this damsel. She became my soul mate in no time.
The day is still fresh in my memories. Our English professor was appointing a class representative. Only two voluntary hands shoot up in the air. That was the first time we exchanged numbers.
One day I saw her sitting at a bench, totally engrossed in her cellphone. I walked towards her and asked, “Are you sitting alone? Can I sit with you?” I did not wait for her to answer and kept my bag beside her. That was the time I marked my territory. Yes, I did. There has been no looking back since then.
To you, she might seem like a girl with a lot of friends and a huge social life, a girl with loads of attitude and a girl who can intimidate you. And thus, for you, I just have one advice-never judge a book by its cover. She is a girl with her small brood of people who mean a lot to her, a girl who will talk to you with all the love that she has and a girl who will listen to you and know you before forming any opinion about you.
To me, she has been a friend, a sister, a lover and a mother too. No matter what the situation is, I know there is this one person to whom I can always run to. She is the one who would do anything to make feel special, the most loved person on this earth and the smartest girl around. She would never let me feel low for more than a second. And she knows, to me, she means the world because she really does.
I’m not portraying my life with her as a fairy tale. We have our share of fights too. When we fight, the world comes to an end for us. We too hurt each other. But that is because we love.
I can go and on, but I know I have to stop now. Happy half birthday my love, Mahima. I just wanted you to know that I love you.
  1. *really touched*

    Thank you so much love! A half birthday wish couldn't have been better! I love it, really. Adore it. Adore you even more! <3

    Thank you my dear Rose 🙂

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