Driving in Delhi. Part 1.

Another post so late. I’m sorry.This is one post that I have always wanted to write, but somehow lack of words, experience and everything else kept me away from writing it. Today I have all the time in this world. What better place than a radiology clinic, waiting for your turn to get your tummy bombarded with an ultrasonic sound ray.

I have always wondered why people rush like mad bulls in their cars whenever the light goes from red to green at the traffic signal. Why such madness and impatience? Then with time I realized as you grow old, there are a lot of things that make you frustrated with life. True. And probably the road is the perfect place to vent out each and every frustration that you have.
No matter if you are an old hag or a young wimp when it comes to road rage, none is leaving anyone behind. Road rage has definitely undergone a pathetic makeover recently. Someone accidentally (this is such a true-to-the-core word, I mean no one bumps into your car deliberately do they?) bumps into your car, slightly glides through or probably just overtakes you, the best way out is take out a gun or knife and kill that person. This is what is happening on the roads nowadays. Seems right, isn’t?
The two recent incidents of mine on the road have convinced me that it’s better to travel by metro all the way. I mean I would rather give in to the technical faults of the DMRC every now and then than letting a random guy come out of his sedan and kill me.
The first incident happened about six months ago. I was as usual driving to college with my dad. I was keeping to the middle of the road as the road had both the left and right turns and I was to take none. Suddenly, the person in front of me decides to take a random right turn without any warning and indicator. I was supposed to apply the break, and wait till he/ she turns. I did it. The smart-ass behind me, of course, wouldn’t have waited and decides to overtake by taking a sudden left turn. I was not aware of what the smart-ass behind me was up to and I really didn’t care. I then continued my driving with the regular newspaper discussion with my dad. Suddenly the smart-ass overtakes my car and gives me a signal to stop and I did it. What else would I do in the middle of the road? A man in his middle age probably comes out of the royal ride and tells my dad to tell me to use the indicator. My dad, again clueless like me looks at that smart-ass shock-struck. I asked him, what is the matter. He very proudly and confidently says if you were to apply brakes so suddenly at least give an indicator. I was like wtf? I started speaking, telling him that was supposed to ram into someone else’s car to save his? But it was the wrong decision. He blurts out, to my dad again, tell her to learn to talk to an elderly. My dad, a peaceful man in himself, ignored him. I said, keeping all my calm and respect for an ‘elderly’ – ” Sir if you think that you have all the right to speak, learn to listen as well.” And that hurt his ego, and he called me a bitch. Talk about etiquette and respect. I lost it all at that moment. I took a sharp turn, yelled the f-word at him and drove away. After that my dad was still clueless about what just happened and has this puzzled expression on his face that just said-” Seriously, which frustration of his life was that he decided to take out on some random person.” I was on the other hand totally guilty calling a man of my dad’s age something that offensive. It took a lot of friends of mine and my dad to convince me that it was okay. A person talking to a girl like that deserves no respect. But I know it was wrong at some point, so I needed to get it out. Really? You have all the time in your life to stop and give driving lessons and that too to wrong ones?
The second incident happened when my dad was driving and I was sitting beside him. It was at-point with heavy traffic. There was this guy, probably in his teens or very early twenties, in his huge car standing in the middle of that t-point. He was apparently a noob who decided to take out his car when he did not know how to drive. Probably he had all the reasons to do so. He had his girlfriend sitting beside him. *sigh*
So my dad had to honk the horn. It was a busy road after all  That noob, instead of driving, thought of shouting all sort of abuses at my dad. Talk about manners. I would have really brushed off this incident as a naive driver trying his hands in the wheels on the main roads for the first time. But his madness to portray himself as ultra-cool by abusing an elderly man in front of his girlfriend forced me to open my mouth. I couldn’t say much, all I said was to go and learn some manners.
I really don’t understand why???
Is this what we all have reduced to? Is blaming the others by shouting covers it all? Does it let everything else be peaceful in your life? Is that the only way left for seeking eternal peace?*sic*
I really want to know. Delhi is already a driver’s hell. Why make it worse.
  1. Probably yes. But then again, finding the right person for your venting out is a task, so escapism it is till then. 😀

    Tu yaha ayi, comment kia. Mere khushi k aansu aa gye Mahima! 😀

  2. Really, even though I knew both of these incidents to the T, reading it again just frustrated me all over again. I mean, do people really have no sense of what is right or wrong anymore? No inner voice telling them that the person they are venting out at isn't the rightful recipient of their ire? What indeed has our world come down to. I hate to even think.

    That is another reason why I advocate escapism. Agree, right? 😀

  3. @Shooting star(Sushmita)
    I love your name by the way. 😉

    It happens to everybody, everyday! I'm just waiting for the day when my patience gives up and I become one of those rogue drivers! :-/

    Thanks for coming. I hope you enjoyed your stay here. 🙂

  4. @Ritvik
    Thank you for coming here. I hope I don't bore you. 🙂
    Keep dropping by. 🙂

    Regarding people following the traffic rules, only if wishes were horse. But yes, we can hope and do our part as well. 🙂

  5. I agree with you completely. With the two instances, you have proved a point in a very efficient manner which leaves an impact on the reader.
    I just hope of that day when everyone is at peace and follows the traffic rules, which although is next to impossible in Delhi, but still I'll wish for that. 🙂

    First time here,

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