Change is Inevitable.

Change is inevitable. This is one thing that is the answer to all my questions that I ask from this dearest friend of mine. He is an escapist, so probably this is his best way to escape. But on the other hand, change is indeed inevitable. My questions have always been totally negative, in every sense, so the apparent changes, that he suggested all the time, were in return not affirmative. And then it started, all the cascading thoughts and thus this post.

I’m very resistant to changes. Change, in any form, makes me sad. This is probably due to the fact that I feel content. Apart from a few things in my life, everything is just the way it should be. The next thought that came to my mind was why am I not happy with those few things? We are supposed to love our life, right? Then why do I dislike those few things? And then the immediate thought forced me to question myself-do I really want them to change? And the answer was absolutely clear in my head. NO. No, I don’t want those things to change. These are the thing in my life that make my life challenging. They bring that restlessness to my life. They give me the impetus to work harder, every single time. They bring the ultimate(ultimate, not immediate) happiness in my life. But as change is inevitable, these things will change and I know with them I’ll change too, keeping the relative change to be negligible.

Then I very quickly moved to what I want to change around me. If it wasn’t a rapid-fire questioning round that my mind was playing with me, I would have definitely thought about the things that really annoy me and make me horribly sad. For example, the corruption, the poverty, the unattended elderly people of the society etc. These things are there, but before that, there is just one change that I want in people around me. This one change, I believe in the long run would change the bigger things. I really want every single person on this earth to be thankful for what they have. Yes, the feeling of gratitude. I have never seen a person thanking God or the universe(in case you are an atheist) for what they have. All we do is a complaint about things when they go wrong, crib about it. Human tendency, I agree with it. But then again, does cribbing help? No, it doesn’t. In fact, it makes you more vulnerable to all the negative things and aftermaths of whatever went wrong. I too used to crib a lot, and this blog is living proof of it. But over time, I have learned to accept things and embrace them. I have learned to be thankful for what I have. I may not be perfect in doing that, but over a period of time, I’ll be.

Everyone complains about their bad relationships, ill-health and many other issues, but have you ever thanked anyone for all the better relationships that you have in your life or the better things that you have with your health, that probably many people on this earth don’t? The answer is often no. Why? Because we are too busy pointing out what we don’t have rather than appreciating what we have. This might sound like one of those preaching is easier said than done but trust me, it is not. Try.

And how will this help in changing the problems in the bigger picture? A person having gratitude and appreciation for what he has is content. A content person will never be a corrupt official (with respect to the corruption of course). A content person will never be poor. And if we talk about poverty as a national issue, a content person will be the best person who will do his part to fight it. A content person will never leave his old parents unattended. Come to think of it, and try to connect everything. You’ll have the answers. Otherwise, the comment section is always open.

Till the next time, be thankful!

  1. Just came across your blog out of the blue. Well, there is a lot of anger & frustration about a lot of things, the way they are. I have probably written something strong & maybe stern, if you feel so please don’t mind, its just one opinion.

    “I'm very resistant to changes” you say. Most of us are. But is it because every one of these people is content of their lives I really doubt. The feeling of fear is more at work rather than contention here. Fear and doubt…

    “We are supposed to love our life, right?” or statements like “finally what matters is that you are happy”– this I guess is a thought that has come out of the inane desire of people as creatures to justify themselves, to keep a goal for themselves, to keep a sense of meaningfulness to their lives without knowing any actual meaning.

    “ultimate(ultimate, not immediate) happiness” does anybody know what is that? I dont.
    “these things will change and I know with them I'll change too, keeping the relative change to be negligible” It is very much possible that things change for bad and you change for good leaving the distance between you & things same as that of north & south pole. After all who says that when you do all the _right_ things you end up good.

    “ I have learned to accept things and embrace them” Accept & embrace what? The poverty? the corruption? the discrimination & bullying? The differences in opportunities? Perhaps you were better cribbing about the things, at least you were bothered about things, may be you would have taken the cause to a higher level in time. But when you talk of accepting & embracing things, its disappointing that someone who once questioned is turning to become part of the same race.
    “you ever thanked anyone” I agree this is something we really really need to learn. A very important point put up.

    “A content person” A content person will never want to do any progress, a content person will just work enough to earn his/her bread, a content person will not have any questions to ask or any answers to search for. I guess, more important is to achieve wisdom rather than contention.

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