What is up with the city, Auntie?

No one would complain about my irregularity now!

No matter how much I’m in love with my birthplace, I can never leave a chance to bash it. Seriously, it’s for the people who are here, that can make you hate Delhi. But today, my wrath is particularly against the old lady who’s supposedly the most successful CM of the city till date.
I really hate that lady for certain reasons. Hate is a big word, I know, but then again, her actions are apt enough. All right, before anyone comes up with the Delhi Metro and other things that have happened to us during her period of service, I’m really glad about them. So no offence. Mark Antony rightly said :

The evil that men do lives after them,

The good is oft interred with their bones.

And for once I feel the bad that the lady has been doing, in any form, is worth at least one mention.
The first thing that triggered this post is the introduction of the grameen seva vehicles. I don’t suspect her noble cause of introducing them. Cheap rate services for the common man, but seriously the thought of having trained drivers driving those vehicles never crossed her mind? By trained drivers, I don’t mean the one who believes in ruthless driving and senseless parking, definitely. Firstly, they are more than required. On roads, they will be there, driving in a queue, exactly in the middle. They are happy overtaking each other and having their own F1 racing championship. They would stop their vehicle anywhere on the road, without even realizing that other people might be driving or walking on the road. 
The second thing-the sudden torrential rains in Delhi. It made almost every road of the city water clogged. I was stuck at one of the most important roads may be. The Raj Niwas. Apparently, of all the places, at least it should have a good drainage system. But it didn’t. The following day, I heard the honorable(sic) CM very compassionately addressing the people that if she would have been a mechanic, she would have mended the pumps herself to avoid the unwanted situation.(Trying to show that she IS concerned about it and that she IS dedicated)Seriously? Ma’am do you even realize that you are the CM. You are not an engineer, then why have you been taking the credit of constructing the Metro rails? Did you actually go and made them, yourself? How hope you get the point. And yes, that was snap-back at your fake concern.
And lastly, I don’t know who gave her the right to be a lady, that to be a working one. Her horribly sexist comment on working girls has made almost everyone as angry as I’m. It came from her, many years ago, but since then I have been keeping the anger inside me. By asking girls to sit at home and at the same time talking about the development and growth of the society, trust me Auntie, you managed create a new level of being hypocritical.
An old man of her age was fighting against corruption in Delhi. Where was she exactly at that time? Keeping mum. She could have come out at least speaking up for the disturbance of law and order of the city.
There are other issues as well about which I’m really less informed like the CWG, but yes, she has been constantly behind everything. I’m so waiting for her term to end.
There’s a lot more to the list, let it be the CWG or less important things, but she’s shamelessly being a part of everything.
  1. @Mahima
    Firstly, thanks for the comment! 😀
    I wouldn't have published another post if I didnt receive a comment. My fixation 😀

    Secondly, I didn't want to write a open letter, though the last two posts somewhat resemble that. And, I also didn't want to blabber on, else I might have said something inappropriate, kuch bhi ho,hai to buddhi hi XD

    I totally agree with what you wrote. And I know, this time I hope the bait fails to lure the voters 😀

    Hugs 🙂

  2. I soo wish you had researched more and written out a whole open letter to this Auntie, or should I say Grand-Auntie, of Delhi. It's open letter season anyway on the Indian blog scene right now. 😛

    It would just suffice to say that I have totally no respect for this particular lady. No matter what good she has done for the city, it has never come free of corruption and money-laundering into her vaults. And this little bit of social work toh these people have to do in order to remain in power. You really can't put it down as their successful work. It's just bait. So…well, you have my views here.

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