Got well soon!

If at all I matter to the handful of readers reading me, then I should start from the reason behind my title straight away. After being in a 7-week bed-ridden state, I’m back, blabbering, yet again.
The next question that might come to your mind would be what happened to me? We shall get there too, very soon. Apparently, being bedridden gives you a lot of time to think and write. I did the thinking part, but the writing was somewhat far-fetched as I was sick of seeing the laptop screen. 7 weeks, my friends, is a long time, and when you have only your phone and laptop for company, then you will have to agree – an excess of everything is bad indeed.

This was a very enlightening phase of my life. And no, I’m not writing this post as a journal entry, penning down every thought and emotion that crossed my mind. No, I’ll never do that. Never on my blog.

All right. So I had multiple fractures in my left foot. My 3rd, 4th and 5th metatarsals were broken. Major fracture. I had a cast on my left leg for 6 long weeks and had been advised not to walk at all for at least two months. Bad. When I look back, I do pity myself. If you really check the wiki-link, you will realize a person cannot walk with 60 per cent of the bones that take the whole body’s weight, broken.

Friends, acquaintances, not-so-in-touch-people and nearly everyone poured in their wishes; thank you, that helped a lot. I got my cast removed in 5 weeks instead of 7. 🙂

During that time, I categorized the well-wishers that I had in my life. Only my honest opinions, no offence intended.

1. Genuinely worried well-wishers

You really don’t have to identify them. They are the people who are always surrounding you. The people who love you the most. Sometimes the concern they show makes you intensify your own situation, but their presence makes you feel safe. 🙂
My mom and dad were the ones suffering the most with every bit of pain I underwent and took responsibility for helping me do even the smallest of my daily tasks. I don’t know how I’d ever tell them how much I love them, and what they mean to me. My sister and her husband, they were my feel-good factors for that period. And my best friend, Mahima (do read her blog, and follow, she’s just amazing!), her presence makes me believe that I’m still alive, with flesh, bones and a heart.

2. Its-your-smile-that-matters-to-us well-wishers

There’s really a very bleak difference between this species of well-wishers and the one described above. They might not be around you all the time, but when they are, they will make you forget that you are living a life that is at a standstill. They will do anything to make you see life as you should, with extreme optimism; they’ll make you laugh on the weirdest of the things, and sometimes force you to crack jokes on your own li’l situation. They are the people who showered their care when I needed it. Then, my friends who couldn’t make it with a bouquet and a get-well-soon card, but kept up with me via technology – my neighbours and some relatives, to name a few.

3. The-show-off well-wishers

You know about whom I’m talking here. They will come to meet you, greet you and irritate you. They will come, sit, listen to your story, comprehend it with a brain size of a pea, and then start off with their own stories, ranging from their maid running away to the ill health of their pet to the latest movie that they can not watch and to almost anything and everything. And they will go on gibbering like that forever.

4. I-too-had-a-broken-leg well wisher
Alas! Not many of them will ever have a situation as bad as you have. Neither would you wish that they did. But their stories force you to wish that they do, that too, soon! A torn ligament, a hairline fracture or a single cracked bone, whatever it might be, I can understand how painful it must have been. I totally know the mental and physical pain it involves, no sarcasm here, I really do. But comparing situations would be the last thing the person on the bed would need. I have even heard comments like, “Why are you still sitting on your bed? When I had my tissue torn, I removed my bandage the second day and started running” or maybe “I had a broken bone in my hand, but I still played basketball”. Okay, I get it that you are brave, you can do anything, you may be superhuman, but I’m sorry to disappoint, I’m just a human being, who can not work with 3 bones out of place, broken and not responding.

5. The-nincompoop-who-won’t-ever-get-the-situation-right well wisher

The extended version of the above category – no matter how many times they ask you what has happened and you answer them patiently, you will still get to listen to a totally new and fascinating version of your tragedy every time. And then again you have to correct them, patiently. In the past few weeks, I have had a hairline fracture, an ankle bone fracture, a minor bone crack – everything but fully broken bones.

6. The-important-people-who-are-at-the-same-time-the-most-ignorant-people well wisher

This is the worst category of all. The people, from whom you expect a lot and want them to be with you, sometimes turn out to be the most formal well-wishers. Keeping up with you just for the sake of it. Period. I hate to write about them, so this is it.

And now for the how part. I had a fall from a pavement, twisted my foot at a very wrong angle, and thus the fractures. It happened while I was on my regular shopping spree, but as they say:
“Girte hain sheh-sawar hi maidan-e-jung mein. Woh tifl kya gire jo ghutnon ke bal chala karte hain”

(Source: Arun Singh, a guy for whose introduction I need a new post, and that I’ll be publishing soon.)
Nothing can stop me from shopping, yeah!

That was all that I had for now. See you soon 🙂

P.S. 1) The doctor said the pain will persist for another 6 months. It’s bad. 🙁
To add to it, I have two so very different looking feet that it appears as if they belong to two altogether different persons.

2) I’m not supposed to wear any other footwear but sports shoes. So my shopping spree begins, for different sports shoes, and then for clothes complementing them. 😀 (Whatever happens to my already existing, close to my heart, 12 pairs of sandals and other footwear :-/)

  1. @MerC_ry
    You guessed it right! Reading is something we both love, and talking is something that we could do for hours, without getting bored.(With each other I meant :P)

    You don't know the amount of frustration, but yes thanks for dropping here. Keep reading! 🙂

  2. I Came here from Mahima's blog, no wonder you two are best friends, I guess you both read a lot, and talk much more than that.:) NOM, it might be the reason for long posts but not a bit boring, you write very well, and I liked the flow 🙂 Keep penning.

    And regarding the hospitalization, I need not say get well soon, as you are already, a little bit of frustration I see there in those categorization ? 🙂

  3. Awwwwww! That was sooo sweet baby :):) <3
    The post is really complete..well done 🙂
    And I guessed the people behind each category of well wishers quite precisely, I think 😀 😉

  4. Aaaaw.

    YOU WERE ILL? i din know? :O haw. anyways thank god your better now. Take care 🙂 😉 HEHHEHEHE.


    nice to have you back.

  5. Loved it.. 🙂
    Brilliant utilization of the time in bed.. 😀
    P.S. -> Source of the saying should be cited.. 😛

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