Sarcasm isn’t rocket science! (Or is it?!)

Finally, after almost 5 months, I am back! Yes, I indeed am a lazy soul, thank you.
Sarcasm. Something on which I have wanted to write since a very long time, but this bed-loving-lazybones of myself wouldn’t let me.
Old Mr. Webster defines sarcasm (or satire) as “witty language used to convey insults or scorn”. In simple words, mockery. How pitiful it is that more than half the people existing on this earth don’t get the sarcastic comment literally “thrown” on them.
People around me tell me, probably I’m the most sarcastic person they have ever come across. Oh, I’m so glad that I’m surrounded by such smart people, who are intelligent enough to comprehend my satire. But, on a serious note, I so want to prepare a guide to help people understand exactly when they are being hit by sarcasm, so that they could at least react aptly to it.
Bumping into people and randomly asking them for their views on the latest thing I have on my mind is something I frequently do. This time around I ambushed a guy Shanu, my best friend’s best friend, who on being interrogated, went from being funny to really serious, about his opinion on sarcasm. A very beautiful thing he pointed out was that sarcasm is nothing but bluntness. Very true that. But the scenario nowadays, according to him, is that, simple things are much less comprehended as compared to complex things, and that’s where bluntness does wonders.
Consider this:
-You hurt someone yet you get a comment very pro-you, and you take it the way it has been said and move on.
-You do something stupid, you get a praising comment, and you feel happy and don’t feel stupid any more.
If the above mentioned incidents are common with you, then my dear friend, you are a complete idiot, and have not come across the term “sarcasm” at all in life. Or maybe you are just too self-absorbed and ignorant to pay any heed to it.
Sarcasm is no rocket science. Any sarcastic comment is so to-the-point, it helps brings out every disappointment, and yet it seems one requires a lot of intelligence to grasp it! Phew!
To learn to comprehend and maybe use sarcasm, the very first step is to find a sarcastic person. By this I mean, any person to whom sarcasm comes naturally. Finding such a person will give you a whole lot of experience, and you may as well consider your work half done. Now of course, the first question that might have come to you would be-“If I don’t understand sarcasm, how do I know if he/she is the one?” It is actually very simple. You meet a person; every time you see them, they say something – anything, any damn thing on this earth – and if it keeps you busy wondering, trying to figure out what it meant, and if everyone around you is laughing, bingo! He/she is the one. Don’t overlook the situation by just labeling yourself a slow bloke who takes his own time to get a joke (though it’s one and the same thing, only if you would understand.) Though you can also make the other people laughing on the pun that you didn’t get as your mentor of sarcasm, but let’s speed up the process by choosing the better option available.
The second step towards your goal is asking your chosen mentor, for every comment you hear, if that was sarcastic. This will help you in two ways: first, you’ll get to know if the comment was sarcastic, and second, you won’t make a fool of yourself even when you don’t get it, as your question will be taken as a joke! After doing this a few times, start with a new exercise: before asking any question, have the answer ready. After you get the answer, tally it with the one you had in your mind. Congratulations for your success!
Third step, though not necessary, is that you can write down and learn the sarcastic comments for future use and reference.
Finally, try to make some sarcastic comment, and look for people’s (read: the sarcasm-intelligentsia’s) reaction. If you succeed, congrats, otherwise, escape with your trademark sheepish smile, like you used to do before following the above three steps.
A very peculiar point about sarcasm is that, the fairer sex is pro in it. The males would never understand the sarcasm that vests itself in almost every phrase that comes out of a girl’s mouth. Strange! Almost all (ALMOST all!) my guy-friends, tend to take sarcasm as a simple statement. I do pity them.
Okay, folks. That’s all from my desk for now. Vinay, I returned finally. Doctor Arun, I returned, before you could.
  1. he he.. A lecture on sarcasm !! Whatte thinking sirjee !!

    Liked the second step…

    Dr.Arun might arrive late. But he'll be the latest 😛

    –>> You have dumb guy friends or your sarcasms are too simple n unworthy of acknowledgment 😛

  2. that was one prophetic enlightment about it.
    Glad to have u back rose…reading u after ages, ur pen always gets older like wine 🙂

    tc regards
    god bless

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