Wicked Rides!!

A blogger who has probably lost interest in blogging now!
No, it’s not me, but my freaking college that keeps you from reading my blabbering!
Seriously, I can not believe that I was so keen on coming to a place like this, where my life is just limited to taking exams, completing practical files, sitting in front of some dumb examiner to give my viva with a dumber face, and yeah, that’s about it!
So, coming back to the post, the title suggests, ah well I don’t know! A daily commuter like me, in Delhi, probably has a lot to say about the “wicked rides’.
There are probably only two ways in which you can travel to Delhi-Roads and the Metro. Travelling by road is a pain in your a**, I mean it literary! Thanks to the awesome weather, the never welcomed heat of Delhi, I was down with every stupid health effect of the heat, so had to go to college with my dad, in our Maruti 800. Honestly, its no relief! The traffic and the heat- everything makes it so irritating! The traffic – I really wonder from where do so many cars keep on adding and from where the hell do we get so much of space to accommodate all!
And the buses, though I haven’t travelled by them yet, by seeing them, totally filled, with people looking out from every possible “peep’ to see the world outside, seem to be a very depressing wicked ride on the Delhi roads, in this weather! Though TATA Marcopolo tried its best to provide a happy bus ride, the green star buses are the same as the older ones, but yes, they occupy a huger road space. Thank you! And the red Star Ac buses are plying on the roads, again occupying the space, but they are always empty, because of their high fare! I’m frustrated and yes, that’s why everything is useless!
And finally the Metro. I’m not a DMRC fan, but it has surely provided Delhi with a convenient, comfortable and comparatively secure “means of transportation”. The Metro is my ride. My daily conveyance from home to college, college to home, and probably to so many different parts of the city which I wouldn’t have scaled otherwise. But still, I somehow hate metro. I don’t know the reason. The metro’s temperature control is awful. Metro has got loads of eve teaser on board all the time. Metro’s security check is very terrorist and anti-social activity friendly. Metro officials have got all the rights to harass you out of no reason. It can’t control the freight it carries. There are too many reasons to count. But again, it’s the only option left for people like me.

But still, Delhi is one place I would never want to leave. Though all the reasons that have been stated in this blog, all my disappointments in the previous posts, are sometimes too harsh, I love this city. Few things that I fail to understand-

  1. Why all the buses, metro and other public vehicles are always so crowded, and on top of that we have always got so many private vehicles on the roads. Why??
  2. Why people will stare at any girl/woman travelling alone or standing alone as if they have seen something very rare?!
  3. Why a building is called a “building” when it has already being built?
I’m finally on a 2 months break. Therefore I plan to return here and do all the things for which I have been waiting for the last 3 years!

Till the next time!
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  2. hope u get more heated rides in ur Maruti soon 😛 then u can say to the guys that ur a hot gal 😉 😀

    metro? wonder how Bangalore Metro will be. still lots of time to go! 😛

    ps: u got that 1st PS right! 😀

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