And I broke my promise again! I return after a month. Sorry 🙁

Anyway, firstly I want to clarify that this title has got nothing to do with the blah-blah week ahead!

OK, this is a very personal post, but I’m writing this because of two reasons:

1.) My best friend, good friends, not so-good-friends and acquaintances are fed up of my newly found obsession. So they have have ceased to listen to (or as a matter of fact talk to) me, till I come back to my normal self. But this is my page, my say!!No one to stop me here.

2.) Writing here everything about him here is safe! The chance that he finds this blog is one in a million, and yet I get to tell everyone(almost!) about my obsession but him!

All right, so I was keeping busy since the last few weeks, due to the university fest – Anugoonj 2010 (hush, my part of post-fest publicity is done. And no, you guys don’t have to come and attend it next year!). It was then when I heard this guy singing and fell in love with his voice ( which I now realize is a very common phenomenon among all his listener. *sob*).

The first time I heard him, 2 weeks back, for the fest auditions, I didn’t see the face behind the awesome voice, all I could see was his curly hairs beneath his hat! A guy, just 18 or 19, singing Eagles with such a finesse. I was smitten! I thought my crush on him is limited to my FB status, but I was wrong! I suddenly developed this habit of stalking him! This feeling just comes from inside, without the consent of my conscience!

The feeling here, ladies and gentlemen, is for the voice, not the man behind it 😛

Then arrives the university fest, 4 days,only time to appreciate the guy.

One thing that was on my side was that I somehow managed to be the coordinate of the events in which he was performing. I tried contacting the guy , which I did, but he seemed very inert! But whatever goes, I don’t know how, and without my knowledge, my li’l liking for him turned into an obsession!

Out of the 4 days, 2 days wasted, because he was nowhere to be seen! 3rd day was his first event, I somehow managed to coax my head coordinators to let me sit in the front row with judges (gives an impression of being important, you see), so that I get to see him clearly and may be he looks at his biggest fan as well. The last day was almost the same, with a difference that I took loads and loads of pictures of his

I have become a stalker – following him, clicking him, texting him, looking for him on FB etc. The popular guy has a fan page on FB dedicated to him, imagine!

My obsession ceases to vanish, but I’m enjoying every bit of it! I just want that guy to sing for me, just once.

I should stop here, though I know I can go on forever 😀

And yes, Thanks Vinay…for making me realize what the guy must be thinking, if at all he noticed his stalker!

Behind me she came,
excuses so so lame
Turned i right or left,
privacy of my theft.
Her love for me true
like her I saw few.
From far she looked,
smitten by me, I took.
Presence hers so odd,
yet that I soon forgot
I did let her stalk me,
no harm, she is free .

Yes, yes, yes…one loving stalker I’m!

  1. wow…reminds me of my first crush!!…he he…those fine days of staking and missed calls n and all that!! yaar…good one:)… jus to keep ur hopes high!!… nw we'r too good best friens!!…he he.. all the best:)..enjoy the moment yaar:)

  2. okay…its interesting seeing this side in you…though i'm one of d lucky few who r nt totally clueless abt dis guy…haha,dnt kill me, i dnt hv a cruch on him…
    stop wrtng nd u'll giv me one more reason to bug d hell outta u 😛
    luv ya <3

  3. lol. rose. i get why your freinds dont wanna hear you. 😛
    but this is ur blog so well ur readers do.
    get us more.

    go talk to him.

  4. Not sure about the right man thing, but yes he deserves the attention, and he gets that too!

    I'll show you his videos…:P:D

    And yes, he's very down to earth..I likey 🙂

  5. girl u have found the rite man………..he deserves this kinda attention. 😀
    am also impressed though i havent heard him
    keep it up

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