Chandigarh Files!

Date: 10th August 2009
Time: 5:30 am
Place: In the Volvo, ISBT, Delhi

Ok, so I’m leaving for Chandigarh(yet again). But this time, I have got so many thing in mind. Yes, I’m going to Chandigarh to withdraw my admission there as I realized may be I should stay in my city, no matter what!

I reached the bus station by 5:20 am after having only a 3 hrs sleep at night as these admission things are surely killing me. And actually this is the only option in hand right now, but still I’m going there to take this extreme step. Anyway, I’m going to Chandigarh by the 5:30 am bus, and I have reached here very early for the 5:00 am bus.

Even though I have started writing sitting in the bus, I am pretty unsure about what to write.

During the hard process of thinking, rationalizing, and god knows what, I compared Delhi and Chandigarh, in my own ways. Please,  please forgive me, if reading the following hurts anyone’s sentiments in any way. Even I agree that a 19 years stay in a city and a 19 hrs wandering on the roads of another, don’t give me any right to compare the two cities, but then this is how I perceive thing in my world.

(It has to be the first thing!)
Delhi – I guess I have actually discussed so much about it, that it may be inhuman if I start about it again. The traffic here is just so bad!

Chandigarh – This city is a relief!
So fewer cars, different lanes for cycle rickshaw, no flyovers and just so smooth traffic.
A typically planned city, Delhi can never be like this city.

Delhi – For Delhi, it’s actually an alien world!
No trees on the roadside, no parks or anything of that sort. Whatever we have here is just to maintain the green belt!

Chandigarh – I’m actually flat over this city for its greenery. You get very positive energy whenever you just catch the site of its roads.
This city is just so green!

City Plan
Delhi– Ok fine, I know I’m no one to question the DDA, but seriously having a residential area anywhere or having a mall at every nook and corner of the city is no way to treat a city!

Chandigarh – Honestly, the city has got a mastermind behind its plan. A market at one side, residential area at a totally different place. You will never find any house on the roadside! Like in Delhi we have housing societies on the main roads!

Delhi – Delhi is a shopper’s paradise, no doubt about it. But we can surely do with a less number of shops.

Chandigarh – Chandigarh has got one very beautiful shopping place. It’s the CP of Delhi.
( I still thought of Delhi, no matter how beautiful and fascinating this city is!)

Delhi – No comments, all type of people live here.

Chandigarh – The people were actually very friendly.

The Welcome board
Delhi – When you enter this city from Chandigarh (you enter from the west Delhi border, Narela), you will find the welcome board with very petite Hindi alphabets—Delhi. In the next line, you’ll read, again in Hindi—Aapka swagat.

Yep, that’s it. Rest of the board is broken. So I assume the English part must have been there sometime in the ancient history period.

Chandigarh – Well, the board has got it written in flashy alphabets – Welcome to Chandigarh. The city beautiful. Now, this is what I call a perfect welcome!

Mom Dad
Delhi – I’ll find them only here!
Chandigarh-Sorry Chandigarh, you lose here! And yes its the only reason why Delhi scores so much above you!

(We have reached Ambala, and the cute guys find a cute girl. They are talking like they have known each other for ages, and then the cute guy starts laughing in the most animated way you would have ever witnessed. Duur k dhol suhane, so true!:P)

And then I slept again. By the time I got up,  I had finally concluded to withdraw my admission. I don’t know whether this a good decision or not, but I don’t care about it now.

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  2. @Umang
    Ya…Finally you are aware of what has been gong in my mind since the past few months 😛
    And Aayush kya beware, he can trsust me you see 😛

  3. okaay… so now i get 2 know that u were thinking of gng 2 get admission in chandigarh and now hav decided to stay in delhi only…

    all i can say is think carefully… take the best decision u can… and just remain calm… everything will be fine… 🙂
    and btw aayush… rose gave 2 much footage 2 that "cute" guy… BEWARE !!!

  4. @Tulip
    Thanks, my dearest family here:D

    I had the same thing with me, about the medical thing, left that for the college was in Pune, but then even if it anything, I won't leave my mom dad…ab to kabhi nai 😀


  5. @Aarthi

    Truely, I would never want to move out of my place, no matter how miserable I feel here :D:P


    p.s. pagal nai karega…use nai pta kis se pala pada h 😀

  6. @Arun
    Trust me Arun, leaving away from home is not a great idea…as u mentioned…the grass on the other side is indeed greener..but I tasted that too:P:P

    Hehehe…enjoy leaving with your parents:)

  7. hey nice comparisons dear…n i totally go with ur decision… my experience..i had to leave my mom and had to study medical…tat too 4 5 years..i went through same phase..i dint go..:)..but today i have noo regrets and second thought…:)..i'm enjoying wat i'm doing,, did my engineering and loving my work as well:)…soo keep going gal…:)..i'll all with u:).

  8. Hey babe,

    So good to see your post! 🙂
    The comparisons were awesome… and that Mom & Dad thing was so sweet…

    You know what… I always wanted to move out of my place and study somewhere else so that I am away from home… but trust me… I am a big time jackass who would start crying and continue crying when I am away from my parents. I so adore them!

    And about colleges… girl, trust me you have time and you need not worry too much about it! Things will fall into place really soon!

    My best wishes are always with you… Love ya! 🙂

    P.S.: Freelancer aka MriduL se woh 'L' hata de warna pagal kar dega! 😛

  9. hmmm… You n I are so different… i would give anything to move outta my home n study/live somewhere else.. been livin in my home for the past 20 years.. I seriously want a change…

    but hey.. The grass on the other side is always greener…

  10. @Nuchu

    Thanks for you wishes:)

    And, now I'm so much flattered that I'm thinking of comparing almost everything I come across…lol:D

  11. @Leo
    Ya…I realized my mistake after I posted it, but still I thought you'll be the first person to read this 😛

    And thanks…Even I loved these comparison somehow:P:P

    And, I agree totally…ghar ka khana is something that you cant get anywhere…:)

  12. @Abhi
    Hehehe…thanks 😀
    I think I specialise in comparing things…lol1

    And yes, I think, the last reason is the only reason…but it's beyond comparison..:)

  13. Whatever!!

    If you are happy with it, I am happy for you girl! All the best…

    Take care.. God bless you!

    Heheh.. I really have to tell that the comparisons were awesome:D

  14. hey rosie, when i asked for scheduling it, i meant for today at 10am, not yesterday!! 😛 😛

    anyhow… nice comparisons! same reason why bangalore rates over many other cities too for me! 😀

    and yeah, i'd miss mom's meals, so that does make it more influential decision! 😀

  15. oh.. gr8.. you totally outshined Delhi in your comparison… No comments on comparison… he he.. I loved it….
    and regrading college …perhaps your last point of comparison is the only reason… 🙂

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