Summers, Vacations and Nostalgia!

Part 1– Board games

Dedicated to my Didi, Joy Dada, Tupam Dada(Abhi), Ronnie Dada, Piku and Sags! I really miss us being together.

Almost after 2 weeks, I return! *claps*

Its mid of the summers and all the neighbourhood kids are sitting at their homes, glued to their computer screens playing the silly online games! Don’t be judgemental, I like tem too.  The other day kiddo asked me if I play CS. Honestly, I do. A lot. But nothing beats the good ol’ boards games!

Every vacation for me used to mean a trip to Nani‘s place, getting together with 5 of my cousins and playing everything that would come our way.  The computer came to a lot later(when we were hooked to NFS!). Here are a few of the games which we played and are still in love with them! I’m sure many of you have must have played them too!

Nothing beats this game. We had this love for proving ourselves the “most intelligent” of the whole lot! And I was never allowed to play on my own initially, I was always someone’s team mate. Then I learnt playing it and believe me its the most beautiful game on this earth. I mean you are just introduced to a whole new world of planning, plotting and violence – 10 years old me.  A big bungalow, one Mr Black and his murder mystery to solve. We used to play this game in between all our other fun in the summer vacations:) When the old game wore out, my brother, Piku, gifted me this game on my birthday so that we can continue the legacy.

The photograph here is the legendary Miss Scarlet’s card! We have got a strong memory with this card, Thanks to li’l Sags.

The Game of LIFE
We actually played this game for hours and for days. It took almost 2-3 hours to finish one game but we were hooked to it for the whole day!(God, I just wish we could have those days back again when we practically did nothing but played so many games and nothing else!)
In this game you get a profession(of your dream, yes, Lawyer, engineer, doctor), you get married during the course of the game, have kids, deal with the expenses and enjoy the windfalls!

The great GAMBLER

This is our family game(no no no, don’t go by the name, no one of us is a Gambler!). Every family in our house has got this game. This is probably the oldest of all our board games. Vintage hai.

I don’t know what makes me write on these board games but somethings in life sometimes deserve an acknowledgement. Nothing so amazing about this game but we played it and it’s very close to my heart. It is just the basic game of rolling dice and earning money and then the person with the highest bucks win.


The least played the games-The MAD game and PICTIONARY
Mad is one game that I never understood probably because I was too young then.
The game actually drives you mad!

Unlike the other games, you have to lose all your money to win it

Finally, Pictionary!

I hardly have any memory when of playing Pictionary but I’m sure this game lies in Piku’s bookshelf, as new as it was on the day it became a part of our family.
The games the guys played-CHESS and BATTLESHIP

Both strategy games and honestly I never get them. (And no, you are not supposed to think that girls are dumb, it’s just like I didn’t like playing them.)
I still don’t know how to play chess. I’m very bleakly aware of the pieces used to play this game though I feel
its dumb to name them what they are named- seeing their shapes and sizes.


Then comes battleship and I don’t have any idea about it! So, no comments! I hate these two games because the guys used to play these two games, leaving us girls with practically nothing to do!

The games I played with my Didi–SCRABBLE and PAY DAY
It was not like that we played games only during the vacations with the whole gang intact!
Me and my sister, we both played Scrabble and Pay Day whenever we liked.
Scrabble is a beautiful game and you can play it even at the coffee shops in your neighbourhood.

Pay Day is another roll-dice-and-earn-money-game but it had its own charisma. Endless pay day sessions at our home! This game was bought by my sis some 16 years back but we started playing it almost afters 10 years of buying it. You know these games are difficult to understand!

I really miss all of us being together. It has been ages since we all were together, in the same room, chatting, fighting and playing games. I miss these games but yeah just a look at them, lying in the bookshelf brings a big smile on my face!

Love you all my brothers and sisters:)

P.S. 1) I and Piku did a lot of treasure hunting- playing loads of games of “Treasure Hunt” in our drawing rooms. But I guess it does not meet the criteria of the board game here, so couldn’t mention it.
  1. @Roshwrites
    Arre ha re…that game…:)
    I know many people like that, but honestly, I feel its the most boring game on earth..:P
    But whatever goes, these games are a part of our growin' up and grown up 😛 days…so we ove them, no matter how old and boring they are 🙂

  2. I know most of those games, Rose! Especially I like The Game Of Life. I have only played it once at my friend's house but it was still very enjoyable. The game I play most is probably Scrabble. But now I really like Monopoly. Ever heard of it, anyone?

  3. dimps….itna awesome bolg aaj maine kisi ka nahi dekha…such a wonderful dedication……
    mast likha hai….especially dat pictionary wala thing in mah bookshelf….lolzzzz
    n cluedo…ohhh.pura din khelte rehte tha pagalo ki tarah….hehe..
    man dose dayz were so awesome….best dayz of mah lyf…:)
    luv ua lot dimps….muah

  4. @Freelancer
    Thanks for the welcome…n yes,everyone at the lounge has started callin' me that…thanks to you:P:P

    waise try to play all the games mentioned here…they r great…honeslty:D

  5. @Abhi
    Hell yes!!
    How can I forget that!
    The only outdoor game we played, chasing the two self claimed grown ups :P:P

    N honestly i would love to have our old vacations again…not possible this yr…n by next yr another member of the gang ll be married…so hard chances:(

  6. @Umang
    lol…i hardly played ludo n snakes ladder…chess to kabhi aya nai dhang se khelna 😀
    bt m glad it brought out the memories of ur good old days, which m sure you miss too 😀

  7. hell!!! i dun remember playing anythn except chess and scrabble….lol…but then that's me!!! luks like yuo had a lot of fun playing these games…kiddo…hehehe.
    glad to know yu are back gulabo

    P.S| ste calls yu gulabo too??? nt fair!!! mummy!~!!

  8. Yeah….those were the days!! too good!! Yes I remember pay day..i would wait for somebody or other to explain me the game…n it remained packed in the suitcase over the almirah for more than 10 years, when we actually started playing it.

  9. Vacations are back again…… 🙂
    yaar lets plan something to get us all together .. hmm.. but it is difficult now..
    We used to spend hours playing gambler,cludo,trump cards,chess etc.. seriously that time is never going to come again..

    P.S Other than games the thing I most liked was chasing rimpi di and joy da … 😛 😛 .. ( Rose.I hope u remember what I am saying )..

  10. hmmm
    nostalgic indeed…
    bachpan ke din yaad aa gaye…
    though i havent played many of these games… but still… i was reminded of ludo, saap-seedi(snake n ladders), chess( in which i m very poor), scrabble( played a lot), carrom(my fav) etc….

  11. hehehe…thanks for the welcome..looks like i was missed in the blogosphere 😛

    n yeah ste, the major idea behind this post was to make everyone nostalgic, remindin’ the best days of our lives 😀

    m waitin’ for the people to whom this is dedicated to come n read this…
    c’mon guys!!ab itna busy bhi mat ho jao!

  12. i agree…everyone is just so busy in their life in my family too…jus gettin’ a bit nostalgic you see…holidays finally…thanks for ur welcome arun:)

  13. welcome back Rose..

    hmmm.. makes me remember my childhood when me n 9 other cousins played our way thro the summer vacations… we played cards n a board game called ‘business’… happy days… now every ones in final year of their coll life or in a job…

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