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I thought the boring exams of mine were the only thing that was keeping me from writing, but no, I guess my laziness does.Working out and learning how to drive a car has worn me out very badly (oh yes, I’m 18 and still don’t know how to drive, and honestly driving a car is so difficult! If I knew driving is going to be so difficult, then I would have better enrolled in some other class! I’ll be writing about my driving adventure some other time, especially my dad’s expression, they need time to be articulated in words!) And the other thing that I do is to watch Sarabhai Vs Sarabhai online, it’s a historic show, and I doubt whether we’ll get to see any other show of that standards again!

So, I’m at my Didi’s place right now, and suddenly remembered a very beautiful thing at the time of her marriage–My first ever trip to the beauty salon!

The last time I had a haircut was almost around 4 years back because after that I decided to see how long my hair can grow, and even during that time I just used to sit on the chair with my eyes closed, so never had any idea what was actually happening around me.

Finally, three months back my sister’s wedding was arranged and though I was very much against the makeup and other things that follow, I had to compromise on my values and principles for my sister. I stopped biting my nails three months prior to my sister’s wedding day and a day before the wedding I went to the saloon to groom my hands with the long nails. Its called manicure. So the moment I entered the place, a whiff of artificially natural fragrance filled me!

I don’t know why, but I was actually very nervous. I sat on the recliner with my sister(who was supposed to get many other things done), the two therapists (this is what they call themselves, rightly though, because the thing they did was very relaxing), brought their machines and other things and I was scared to death seeing them. But to my relief, they were for my sister!

The ordeal started, but it was actually quite relaxing you know, the warm water seeping through the pores of your arms and palms. But then, I saw one of the girls bringing thousands of filers to file my nails. I don’t even let the nail clipper touch my nails. You see my li’l darlings are afraid of sharp things, so I let my teeth do the honour. It was just for the sake of the wedding that I didn’t bite my nails for 3 months. No one else but my teeth will have the pleasure to chip them!

Though this was over, there was yet to come. My sister’s bridal package came with a free “light make-up”, so it had to be me!

The next day, in the evening, I again marched towards the salon. A pretty sweet lady attended to me. And then the way I was scrutinized, mercy! I had two people working on my hair, and another on my face. I could hardly move, but then couldn’t help it. The girl was pretty excited about making up my face because I remember she tried every single thing on my face.

In the end, she was really satisfied with her work.  But I knew I was looking horrible with loads of artificially looks enhancing products!

P.S. 1) I still wonder what happens inside the closed rooms of the saloon. Maybe they actually torture some young ladies and then bring out the outer beauty of theirs.
2) I’m actually having nothing to do right now, so kindly bear with these unusually silly posts.

  1. @Pulkit
    Thanks 🙂
    Became a part of my family a bit late…but do accept my thanks in the next post…freshly posted 😀

  2. @Arun
    Its not funny da…there are certain vital things, I was actually talkin' about the things the girls over do you knw 😀
    But I can understand the curiosity of a guy, that's why posted this 😀

  3. @Arun
    it's the damned society which inflicts the torcher! No girl likes it, but tell me would you like an unwaxed girl?
    This really works mr up, why only bloody girls?
    🙁 😛

    haha, i understand.. 😀 😛 I hate beauty saloons! 🙁
    Congrats to ur di!

  4. @ Fl
    Ya, you know the names rimpi n dimpi r rhyming' n thus u can very easily find two sisters pet named that 😛

    n the experience at the salon was hell of an experience…gives me goosebumps…even the thought of it 😀

  5. @ Abhi
    hehehee…yep its a difficult task you know, resisting myself from not eating my nails 😀
    By the way, I have stopped biting my nails even now…preparin' for my clg life u s :PP
    and I hope the workin' out thing works out for me 😀

  6. I had two people working on my hair, and another on my face. I could hardly move, but then cant help it. The girl was pretty exciting about making up my face, because I remember she tried ever single thing on my face.

    lmao….that cracked me up….

    P.S| hey rimpi's my bhabi's name too…by bro's gal actually, n her sis's name is dimpi u kno…we four stay 2gthr every friday, sat n sunday

  7. gr8.. work out and driving… best things to utilize your free time..

    So you stopped biting you nails for rimpi di's marriage gr8… I can understand how difficult it is for people who really like the taste of thr nails.. 😛 😛

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