Yeh Delhi hai mere yaar!

So, I have been living here in Delhi since the past 18-Years. You watch Discovery Channel or google Delhi, or read about it in Encarta, the Delhi that you see there is central Delhi, the heart, too “to-be-shown-on television” types Delhi.I’m not saying I know Delhi very well, or that I’m here to present here the true picture of this city, but yeah, this post comes straight from a- li’l- frustrated- yet- so- much- in- love- with- Delhi Delhiite.

The few unique, both good and bad, that you can’t help noticing about the National Capital City!

We don’t know how to respect women!
No need to mention, the most unsafe city for women! Everywhere you’ll find boys, men and even oldies, ogling at girls. Eve- teasing here doesn’t require any eve! Guys, learn to respect women, will you?!

The hospitality!
You’ll simply love the people here, trust me. All right, that was sarcasm at its best. You get the picture, right?
We are mad about cars!
There is one car each for every family member of a family in Delhi! Yes, believe me, even if a new kid is born, people here tend to buy a car for him, no matter if it turns vintage when the kid attains a “drive-able age”. Small, big, Indian or “phoren“, you’ll find every variety in a single home!
This one is born due to the above clause. Phew! Now when each family member has got a car of his own, so they go to a family outing in their own car! Its the trend here, honking in stagnant traffic, expecting the other car to suddenly fly and clear the roads! The metro stations now, with a mall at every station, the traffic seems, even more stupid!
The corridors constructed to contain the traffic, the corridor causing 1 accident each day, and the corridor harassing all the drivers on road due to its failed attempt to contain the traffic, the all in one corridor, the BRT corridor!! Muje ek bat batao, BRT works for wide roads, now constructing a single lane for cars and other LMV and one lane for the HMV on an already so narrow road, won’t it create more traffic! But who questions it? Built with the design of the prestigious IIT, Delhi, who can question that?!
We love your business!
You’ll find through all the Delhi-wallahs have no time for anything, work 24×7 according to their own schedule, you don’t worry, they have got all the times to poke their nose in your business.
We, the Jugadoos!
From flat tyres to no reservation travelling in trains, Delhi people have got the Jugad for everything. Hate it or love it, jugad works all the time!

They seem to be never-ending, the Metro, PWD, DLF, etc etc all love our roads! They dig it, leave it…all of them do that at the same time!!
[Content Deleted]
Cycle rickshaws!
Even though they are good for travelling short distances but all they do is making the roads more miserable! Firstly, finding rickshaw on a trafficked road is not done, and secondly, the pullers of this rickety thing think that they are king of the roads. One hand of there can stop any vehicle, they can turn from anywhere. All they do is risk their own life, as well as the person travelling in it. I guess all of you who drive, knows how difficult it is to stop a car so suddenly, especially at nights, when the rickshaws emerge out of the thin air, literally! Thirdly, the crowded metro stations and the rickshaws adding to the misery! Initially, they were seen in small places, but now you can find them plying even in south Delhi’s posh areas!
We coach!
Coaching centres, ranging from Medical exams to IAS, from Engineering exams to GRE, you’ll find them all here. There are so many study hubs in Delhi, like the one at Punjabi Bagh, or the one at Kalu Sarai. Every home has a tutor here who teaches for so and so exams! Not far is the day, when tutors will be knocking your doors, and asking you to take their coaching! Education is business here!
We’re Delhites, don’t ask us for directions!
If you are lost, don’t you dare ask for direction to anyone except the traffic police and the auto-wallahs. Rest of the Delhiites do nothing but andhere me teer chodte hai. Even if they are living here since the first sign of civilisation, they dont know the roads. Not there mistakes, Delhi changes every 5 yrs! Thanks to the constructions and the new roads every time 😀

We love!
The so in love and not so in love couples, crowding the roads, parks, malls…eeww!

Diili Haats!
Though not a shoppers paradise, but yeah handlooms and crafts from all over the country with their special cuisines, it is a must if you come to Delhi.
The wannabe cool Dudes!
I don’t need to say anything about them they are found everywhere. Not so easy to extinct species! Alas!only a few of them end up becoming cool dudes, rest of them remain wannabe throughout!
The sites!
They are not just for the general knowledge books, they are for real and they are cool.

The most economical, user-friendly and safe transport, joining the important and not-so-important places of Delhi.
P.S. Correct me if I missed something! And pardon me, but every time I have an exam, I go on a Delhi-brahman in search of the centre, I get frustrated, and hence you get posts like these. Yes, last time it was the poor car, this time its poor Delhi!
  1. very nicely put….
    i am not qualified to comment anything on delhi…coz i have lived here for just a few months…but the experience of living there was pulsatiing!!
    a very lively city…but sure doesnt know how to respect women!!

    keep writing

  2. nice observations!!!!
    but still u should not write anything which can hurt sentiments of others
    and i really don’t think that your behaviour and presence of mind has to do anything with the land u r born in
    and i think biharis are the one who talk to u with so much respect

  3. what an entertaining post !
    even i m living in delhi for the past 18 yrs… and hav not visited many of the trademark places…. 🙂
    this thorough assesment of the city is superb !!!
    i suggest u mail it to sheila dikshit… lol
    gr8 works rose…
    keep it up 🙂

  4. @Pink Orchid

    I was waitin’ for this and I’m glad some one came up with it!

    As mentioned clearly, I dont aim to hurt anyone’s feelin’ here, and I’m not against them at all!
    Moreover, we know, every national exams have the toppers from Bihar, they have got the brightest mind, if there is someone who’s the greatest fan of Lalu Prasad Yadav, its me, and I don deny it! I have some very good friends who hail from this state, and some tremendous teacher who come from Bihar, and I never aimed anything towards them!

    But, the thing I wanted to bring out here was the kind of atmosphere that’s being created here because of them! And if you read closely I haven’t mentioned that I blame the whole state!

    You yourself have mentioned-
    j”ust because a few people are out of their minds doesnt mean the whole region has to be blamed… “
    And i’m probably talkin’ about those “few out of their minds”, that’s why the mention was necessary “Not aiming to the particular part of the society, but to whom it aims probably will never come across this blog! “.

    And once you mentioned, “but Bihar is not bad, if it is so – it is because of the politicians who rule that city” , its again the people who make it easy for the politician to get them!

    I ddnt mean to hurt you gurl, but thanks:)

  5. Biharis!(Not aiming to the particular part of the society, but to whom it aims probably will never come across this blog!)

    Buses, roads, metros and everywhere, you’ll find them! I sometimes get this feeling that there are more inhabitants of this sort in Delhi, than in Bihar itself! don’t know but they come here for employment, and they end up crowding the city, increasing the crime rates! Its true, I know!

    After this I couldnt read any further, just because a few people are out of their minds doesnt mean the whole region has to be blamed… I know or have heard of delhites who indulge in all sorts of crimes..your first point about ‘eve teasing’ I am sure it must have had a lot of ‘delhites’…

    The biharis come to delhi and increase the population! wow! open your mind girl.. India is one nation and if each state starts thinking like that the whole nation gets stagnant!

    No points for guessing why no one else took this point up and no one else coz bihar is my native! I am what I am coz of that state, coz my parents are from that state…

    I am sorry if I sounded harsh, but Bihar is not bad, if it is so – it is because of the politicians who rule that city, it is because of lack of education and poverty (which is prevalant in so many other states of the country too) and top it all, bihar is bad because certain people can’t have enough of giving their opinion about things or places they hardly know!

    P.S. I am sorry for this tone, Rose, but someone has to speak up someday. I am glad I did.

  6. @abhi
    Dude, i agree with rickshaw part, bt its really agitatin’ because they drive senselessly…kahi bhi kahi se bhi…uff!!

    N me samaj rahi hu bhai..metro…hmmm:P:P

    N yep, i agree i missed those places bt i hv never been there so cant write much about it! told you the otehr day,though being born and brought up delhi, i havent seen a single place mentioned in our kindergarten gk books..!!lol!

  7. hey…again u did a good job have written the things you observed in Delhi …
    read my views below
    no respect to women–> true but this is not unique in Delhi you will find same situation everywhere you go…

    Hospitality–> ok agreed

    mad about cars–> For every family member of Delhi ..ahem ahem I feel thr are more people without car than people with cars in Delhi… the rush in metro and city buses justifies the situation… this thing more suits to Chandigarh..but still with low costs cars are out in market the rate is increasing rapidly…


    BRT– Don't know much about it

    Love your business– yes this is something unique with delhi people.

    Jugad– This word can fit with any city in Idnia…

    Constructions — Delhi is bad in managing constructions….

    Cycle rickshaws– The problem these rickshaw wala's create are true but you disappointed with this point I think they deserve some respect they do a really tough job pulling a rickshaw with 2-3 people sitting on it and that too in this hot summer for earning a few bucks … "bhai yeh koi asan kaam nahi hai"…. Yes they do create traffic problems but Delhi administration must do something for this… in Chandigarh thr is separate lane for rickshaw to keep the traffic clear..

    Coach— Yes lots of coaching institutes..
    Don't ask for directions — Lol 😀 😀 true

    We love!– after roads and parks now metro stations is also a good option … you get A.C place thr to sit.. 😛

    Dilli haats— never been thr.. heard a lot about it

    Things you missed – Nai sadak place were you can get every book ,sunday daryaganj market for novel lovers you will get every novel thr… my frds specially go Delhi for that market on sunday..,the small rajma chawal and panner chawal shops in nehru place and cp outside offices,thr are lot more things.. abhi aur yaad nhai aa raha …

    Delhi rocks… I love Delhi… for holiday's I always prefer Delhi… 🙂

  8. very very frank post..whatever u said they were correct starting from giving respect to woman,dilli hat,biharis…indeed a nice write :))
    will come for more !!


  9. i lived in delhi fr 4 mnths !! and been there too many times … i can just say.. u really wrote the truth !! btw, wish delhi ws safe fr women too !!

  10. @yamini
    as they say, things which are close to you, you never value it until its gone!
    when ppl live away from Delhi, they got to know what delhi!!
    I love my city…would be a pain if I have to leave it ever!!
    thanks a lot:)

  11. Oh m highly obliged!!
    ppl out there in the lounge are so sweet…m touched !!
    Thanks a lot sandeep sir ji!

    N seriously Delhi has got loads to offer…ext time do a detailed inspection, you’ll love Delhi, even if you want to hate it !!:D

  12. that was indded a nice post abt your palce..!!!

    You are so straight to the point..!!!

    My first visit to Delhi made me feel the same….they live in such an importnat place but they are alck of respect towards everything ang their own city too..!!

  13. here here here…

    your wish of talking to me…my command…abra ka here 🙂

    he he…good post rose! have i not seen all of this…courtesy the 2 years i spent in delhi pursuing my MBA. And yaa…revisited all these things last few days i was in delhi…landed few hours back in mumbai from saddi dilli 🙂

    keep blogging rose…n welcome to the family

    P.S: the next time i do a vanishing act you can ping me on or head straight to my blaaaaaag

    Till next time….adios 🙂 great knowing you…hope no more complaints of never gettin an oppurtunity to talk to this crackpot 🙂

  14. very funny….thought u loved delhi..when did u turn into a delhi basher..??? indeed the bashing was funny..especially that bit about biharis n directions…

    Huh..been to delhi only once..nice place very neat…n too hot…

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